Tuesday, January 22, 2002

A Reply!!!!!!!!

I received a reply from the couple! They were thrilled with the prospect of me helping them! They couldn't believe I was not asking for any compensation, but wanted to find out more about me and my desire to do this. We exchanged info and agreed to talk via phone. I also received the official email saying our loan was approved for the cycle, so all we needed was the surrogate to sign off on the contract and things were moving right along! I talked to the PGS (potential gestational surrogate) and she was thrilled that we got the loan, but wanted us to send the retainer to her ASAP, so she could move to our state and be near us during the pregnancy. I called to the recipient and we talked for a while, she is soo nice! She didn't have a problem with paying for the meds and we were excited to try to work things out with her clinic and mine (I was talking to a clinic in TN)

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