Tuesday, March 12, 2002


No, NO, we haven't found another surrogate yet, I finally moved and we have internet and a phone! We moved in on the 25 of last month, but our phone and internet were just hooked up!!! Gosh, I have been so cut off from the world! I am looking for a job too, since I haven't worked since a week before the wedding! I am ready to start over at a new job, in a new area, maybe that's just what I need. I emailed the potential recipient today, just to touch base and to let her know I am not a flake...She emailed me back ans was so sweet about the lack of communication until now. I was honest with her and told her that things with the last few surrogates we talked to have not been going well, as they either live in a surro-unfriendly state or we just didnt see eye to eye on important things, they were all nice, seemed geniune, but we just didnt click, you know? Anyway, she said she is just taking time and weighing her options as well. Maybe I need to take a break too and concentrate on finding a job and getting settled into my new place.

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