Tuesday, July 23, 2002

An ANGEL in disguise!

I have been so caught up in my friends pregnancy, that I have not had the time to seriously search for our surrogate. I did tell my sister about it and she was less than enthusiastic about us pursuing this. She said I need to save more money and buy a house first, then think about it some more, and what if the person takes my money, what if they dont give me the baby, nothing positive, we argued I cried, then I hung up on her.. It wasn't a good day. I called my friend just to vent and I got her voice mail, so then I emailed her all the details.. She was soo supportive! She just said some people will never understand how bad we want this and since they are not going through it they are not capable of understanding.. It was alot longer but that's the jist of it! I love her so much, she's the best. And now for the best part........She talked to her husband and has offered to carry for us after she delivers her own baby!! How wonderful is that??? I was dumbfounded.. I am so excited that we have a wonderful friend that is that kind. She said she will be ready in 2004!!! that's not too far away!

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