Monday, February 24, 2003

Retrieval Nightmare!

I wish the news I had to report was better....I had my retrieval on Friday and before I went in there were 33 follicles. When I woke up the first thing I asked was HOW MANY??? I was told 19! I said WHAT! The nurse kinda looked around and then got quiet. Even on anesthesia I was extremely upset and wanting to know what the heck had happened. Finally she got a Dr. who simply told me that the eggs started releasing and went into a cavern???? It turns out that the eggs started releasing because they were late getting me to retrieval. I am sooo mad at them. I ended up with 9 eggs and my recipient got 10. Of these I had 6 fertilize and she had 7. We lucked out I'm sure. I can't believe what happened. I only pray they make the cut and are frozen for later use for me.. On a happier note my recipient made it to transfer with 3 embryos and was able to freeze 3 more, one wasn't looking so great so they left it out to grow and it arrested. Even though she has some frozen and made it to transfer I still feel bad. I wish we had the others that were released....UGH! Her beta is in 14 days though! Trying to stay positive! Now my surro hunt begins!

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