Thursday, June 10, 2004

I'm Baaack! (LONG update)

Well after a loooong hiatus, I am back! I have been talking to my first recipient, (I will after this refer to her as "J") and she is wanting to do another cycle for a sibling. She asked me if I would donate to her again since she is not comfortable using her frosties at this time. I said of course. Well we got to talking and we decided that there was just too much drama and bad blood from the old clinic so we would try to find a new one that was comparable to them in price and stats.. I researched it and what do ya know? There is a clinic right here in good ole TX!!! about 2 hrs from me..WOOOHOOO! So I called "J" and she decided to do another cycle. She asked me if I had thought about doing another shared cycle so I could have embryos and I said yes but DH is undecided from the last talks we had. Well since then he has warmed up to the idea, AS LONG AS we take our time and get to know the new surro candidate before we do any transfers!!! I have already put an ad up on SMO to get started with finding a surrogate. I am so excited that we are giving it another shot. I have the most wonderful husband in the world. This clinic is the best. There will be alot of new things here so that is great to me, I love starting fresh literally. They have great success rates, and they only do blast transfers. If you are over 35 they will transfer 3 and under 35 they will only do 2, which I am totally cool with. Also since I am going to have a surrogate before the transfer this will be my first fresh transfer! I am getting my ducks in a row right now! More later!

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