Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Can't sleep AGAIN

Yes, I am still up, thankfully this time it isn't from stress! My allergies are kickin my hiney! so I am all stuffed up in the head and with a runny nose, yeah I know TMI, sorry! Things are quiet on the surrogacy front, I have to continue charting my ovulation with the OPK, so this oughta be fun fun!! Gotta go stock up on those, and pregnancy test for when we have the transfer! (I am sooo optimistic!)I only talked to Janene for a hot second today, I am so busy from selling things on EBAY! I am doing so good, I hope to keep it up! For those of you who want to take a gander at my wares,LOL my name is 1stop_shopper! Maybe I have something you want, who knows??? Well I am gonna go and attempt sleep again, maybe I will have success this time...

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