Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween, oh wait, we haven't had one of those in YEARS

So again, a lag in the posting, I gotta work on this here gig a little better ya think?? Yeah I know I do... Well, I decided not to donate for various reasons. I need to decide what we are going to do for us, before I commit to a donation for someone else. I am still doing my thing on ebay and it's going well. I am lucky that between this and my husband's job I am able to stay at home. I still haven't made a decision as to what I really want to do. I didn't realize I was this much of a procrastinator. I guess I really am not, there are just SO MANY things that I want to do. I don't want to start something and then decide its not for me. With this opportunity that I have, I should seize it and do something I love. My husband suggested Nursing since I love to help people, and I am pretty smart (if I do say so myself, and I do dammit!!) So I will investigate that and see where it takes me. I still haven't discarded the Real Estate Agent idea as hey, that does sound pretty exciting.

No news on baby2008 yet, still talking and seeing what our options are. We have a surrogate so that part is set (thank God for my former recipient, she is THE BEST!) So now we have to decide how to bring it all together. My choice would be doing a freeze all cycle and then doing an FET when the time arose, but guess what? Many clinics DO NOT support this!?!?! they want us to do a fresh cycle as this is what is optimal for success (read optimal for their success rates, BASTARDS!) So they aren't too keen on me coming in there with my high-falootin ideas and messing that up. There are a few decent clinics in our area, but I am not opposed to traveling to where my GS would live so I do have options. I have already started the baby2008 fund and am stashing accordingly so all systems are go for this as well.

The kids are being pre-teen and teenager on the school/behavior front. What happened to my well behaved sons?? They have left the building and in their place left behind some invasion of the body snatchers version of my kids. We usually let them "trick or treat" if they are doing well in school, but I cant tell you the last time I bought a costume for these kids, they have been the designated hander-outers to their friends. The oldest one "Ster" as he likes to be called now, has decided to just show up for school, and by show up I mean not do a damn thing! His co-henchman "Los" as we like to call him, is the long lost son of the absent minded professor. This kids will do his work but FORGET TO TURN IT IN!?! What the hell!?!?! OK so why do it son, if you aren't going to turn it in? His reply "I was going to but I couldn't find it, then when I did I was in another class, and it was too late" OK, can we say ORGANIZATION SKILLS???? This kid has none, and I have not found a way to give him any. Folders?-Check, Notebooks?-Check, Planner for assignments?-CHECK, screaming "TURN IN YOUR WORK" as he is on his way out the door to school?-CHECK. Does he turn it in once there- HELL TO THE NAW!!! So what is a girl to do?? Suffice it to say that last week was not a good week, but I can only hope that with each new week, there is a chance for change, so for now I will take that, and hope that we get thru 6th & 7th grade...

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Another Donation

So, I have been talking to this couple who is in need of an egg donor. I may donate for them, at this point I am not sure, we are still talking, but hey that's news isn't it? I have sent them my info and they will let me know something soon I am sure. Nothing much new going on besides that. We weathered Tropical DEPRESSION Ernesto without any problems. It wasn't much of anything by the time it got here. I am still ebaying and doing pretty good at it as of late. I have even started selling things for other people since I am sitting here doing it anyway, so why not? I am also thinking of going to school to get my real estate license. I talked to a real estate company, and they said I have a job there if I want it, so that's cool, AND they will reimburse me the fees for the class, how cool is that! I am really thinking about it, and who knows maybe this will be my new career, it all sounded very exciting when I talked with the gentleman. So a few things in the works for me, who knows how they will turn out, so stay tuned!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Small World

I just found out that one of the surrogates that tried to scam us is working with (trying to work with) an agency! One of the women happened upon my beware post regarding her and emailed me. I am sure when she got my phone call she wasn't expecting to hear what she did, but I am SO glad that she contacted me! This woman if PURE evil, and I would hate for another couple to go through what we did if it can be avoided. We sure have had some bad luck in the surrogacy world, but it all just tells me that when the time is right for us, then our dream will be, whatever we decide it is at that time, be it no more children, or IVF, or even adoption! Who knows, only God right? Anyway, I hope this agency sees what this woman is about and runs far from her. In other news, we maybe making another move!?!?! We just got here and we maybe moving already wow.... Depends on what type of offer DH gets now that his internship is up at the hospital. I hope its somewhere great if we don't stay here, preferably somewhere with MANDATED IVF benefits!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Long time no post

Wow, I cant believe how long its been since I was on here. Alot has changed since then. I am now living in Florida, my husband graduated college and is working at a hospital, he loves it. I am a SAHM and selling on Ebay in my spare time. We are planning on getting back in the Surrogacy wagon within the next 2 years, before I am an old fuddy duddy. I am actively researching my options right now so we will see how it goes. I am thinking of doing a donation or two to get back into the swing of meds, cycling etc. Wish me luck that it works out!

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