Friday, September 10, 2010

Lovely Day

So today has been pretty sweet so far. This morning I met up with Casey at her house and we went shopping, my FAVORITE past time! Her daughters birthday party is this weekend so she had to get some stuff for that and we also checked out a few thrift stores (I am SO addicted to thrift stores!). It was really nice and gave us a chance to just relax and talk and get to know each other a little better. We had fun asking each other what kinds of things we liked or didn't and it was funny to see each others reactions! We both don't like watermelon but she likes watermelon candy (YUCK!) she doesn't like CHOCOLATE! WHAT!?!?! Who doesn't like chocolate right?? I know, I know.. I was in shock.. We both LOVE salty foods (chips are AWESOME!).. And she doesn't like cherry flavored candy, reminds her of medicine (dude, seriously!?!) I told her I didn't think we could be friends anymore, HA! Cherry is my favorite flavor for ANYTHING sweet, right after chocolate.. Juice, cherry coke, you name it, it tastes better with cherry! But the craziest thing she said? She hates BACON..WHAT!! Everything tastes better with bacon y'all! So, yeah that was how our day went and it was just really nice and fun. Hope we have lots more days like this.. Next weekend they come to our house to meet the boys and we are grilling for them. So that's my update for now.. Oh and I made some more sales so a few more pennies in the baby fund "jar".. That's always a nice update.. =)


  1. I can fully understand the crazy world you're in right now! The financial part is so beyond overwhelming. Bleck! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm curious, I know you from "anywhere else?" What do you sell on Ebay? That $809 is fantastic in 50 days! Woot!

  2. It's totally possible I grew up here in FL for a little bit of high school and all of middle but it was in Central FL. I have been on SMO for a while too.. I have been selling stuff online for YEARS! I mostly sell discontinued dinnerware patterns, books and odds & ends but right now I am selling anything! I have had some friends donate stuff to me to sell which is awesome! The last few days kicked me up to $1100 woot! Thanks for stopping by my blog also! I am anxiously reading yours and praying for you all!


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