Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lupron Day 12: WTF?!

I had my monitoring appointment this morning, to measure any follicles (shouldn't be many if the drug is doing it's job- it was I can tell by now I'm kinda a pro at this) and they drew blood to check my estrogen (E2) and progesterone (P4) in order to start stimulation drugs (to super charge my ovaries to make lots of eggs) I need my E2 to be at 50 or less. Got the callback and I am at 83 (BOO!) so almost suppressed by not quite. That just means stay on the same dose of Lupron until Monday when IVF clinic can check me themselves OH JOY! Not what i wanted to hear, I wanted to hear "you're suppressed start stims tomorrow, but I knew it was wishful thinking, oh well. I asked the nurse (super cool lady btw) if that was bad and she said "No, sometimes it just takes longer for some people to become fully suppressed, I'm not worried at all" I said "OK, cool if you're not worried, I'm not worried". So hopefully come Monday I am at the magic 50 or less and things can continue right on schedule. If not, my sh*t is kinda gonna be f*cked up, just sayin because um.. We kinda already bought J his plane ticket home and back so there would have to be an adjustment to the dates (we ALL know joe airline is NOT making changes for FREE!) or he would need to take more days off and I don't like either option... So let's all say a quick prayer that things move to that all powerful FIFTY/50 FIVE-OH K, thanks!


  1. Praying 50 my friend (((hugs))))


  2. Thanks BFK, we need all the prayers we can get right now! XOXOXOXO!


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