Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Milestone

Today was my last birth control pill! Hopefully my headaches will ease up since that is one less hormone I am taking (for now). Things are moving along, just jabbing myself once a day until the 25th, then it will be 3x a day ::frowny face:: not looking forward to getting stuck that many times, but I just keep fast forwarding to the end result! In other news, please pray my bras hold out while I am on these next set of hormone shots, or I will have to either buy more bras or not leave the house.. My CUP definitely runneth over!! I have my blood-work and ultrasound appt. on Jan. 19th to make sure I am still suppressed from the lupron, so that's coming up quickly. Then no more monitoring until I get to the clinic (ROAD TRIP!) True story: I called the monitoring clinic to schedule the appt. for "monitoring" (same clinic that told me they would be happy to monitor me for this cycle) and this was on Jan. 6th, of course I had to leave a voicemail which has been par for the course with them. So please tell me why I JUST got a callback today about scheduling the appt.!?!?! (I called back Monday after i didn't get a callback Friday since my first call to them was WEDNESDAY!) The call went like this: ring, ring,...Hello- Hi this is the Dr.'s ofc (ok like I should know which Dr.'s ofc.!?!?!- yes I knew because I have their number saved in my phone, but I digress) I say yes this is "me". Nurse lady says, this is "Nurse lady" you called about setting a monitoring appt.? I say "Ummm, yeah. LAST WEDNESDAY"....SILENCE....(LOL! I love when I do that to people, it's kinda my thing being a bitch) She says, yes well have you started your period? Ummm, no.. That's why my message said I need an appt. for THE 17th-19th!? that's when my day 1 thru 3 is... Nurse lady is SILENT again.. OK, well which day do you want? I reply: "I SCHEDULED MY APPT. MONDAY WHEN I HAD TO CALL BACK TO SEE WHY YOU NEVER CALLED ME BACK AND GET MY APPT. SO YOU'RE A FEW DAYS LATE, BUT THANKS." Nurse Lady goes quiet again.... "Well OK..." Bring your order for bloodwork and ultrasound or we can't perform them.. To which I say "Have I ever NOT brought them?" I am more than prepared when I come there.. Goodbye.. I know kiiiiinda bitchy, but hey I'm on hormones, it's allowed..

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  1. Haha!!! Sounds like me =) And i'm not on any hormones...yet!!! ;)


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