Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fertilization Report

Of the FIVE eggs they managed to save, only 4 were mature and of that 3 fertilized normally, so that's what we have frozen.. The RE is now changing her entire story saying there were 8 follicles, but 3 were empty and this falls within the realm of normal, yada yada.. My answer was "YEAH RIGHT!" With an E2 over 2,000 there is no way she can convince me that all 11-13 follicles that were seen on ultrasound was a mistake on the techs fault and that they were measuring the same follicle over. That's when the yelling started.. I am extremely angry with the outcome and cannot believe the RE is now putting it off on ME (well my body, "perhaps this is the norm for you" BITCH PLEASE!) or that it's just normal.. How the hell is this considered normal???

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  1. I am so sorry! I wish I could do something to help! :-( As cliche as it sounds, it only takes one little embie for you to have your baby, so mabye one of them is it! I'm praying for you....and the RE because I'm sure they are in for a wrath! (And I don't blame you!)


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