Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Part Deux: Fourth Stim Monitoring Appt. Day 9.5

So things ARE looking better today.. Left ovary has 6 now follicles measuring as follows: (22mm,19.6mm,19.3mm,18.6mm,18mm,14mm - I suspect that was one of the almost 10mm's from yesterday there were 1-2 others still less than 10mm) the right side has 23mm,10mm (so one of those finally popped up! that side has another 1-2 almost 10mm's but I think realistically they aren't going to be popping up since the end is near) I talked to the nurse and told her I need ONE MORE day.. If they say trigger tonight I will be so pissed... The main reason I will be upset is my husband is NOT back in town yet.. The clinic has not given me any clue as to when trigger was going to be, in fact they said things were going nice and slow, well NOW it's like Oh our bad.. So NO ONE is here to do my trigger shot (I'm good but I'm not a fuckin magician, no way I can shoot a needle in my own ass!) or take me to retrieval or bring me back! I explained this to her as well.. If they give me one more day retrieval would be Friday and I have a plan for that day, so let's all collectively pray for another day of stims, so my plan will be in effect... OK off to find some chocolate because, alas I give up and my diet is going on vacation for a couple of hours so I can gorge myself on M&M's or some shit.. That is all.. Will update when have my E2 back and of course I will know if this is trigger night or not! MWAH!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Part Deux: Third Stim Monitoring Appt. Day 8.5

Third monitoring appointment was today and based on the ultrasound, things could be better in my opinion.. I have 5 follicles on the left (20,15.7,16.3,13.7,16) and 2 that are under 10mm (cmon already and catch up dudes,UGH!) and the right is being EXTREMELY stubborn with ONE at 20.3 and 2 under 10mm (again, get with the program little dudes!) so those FOUR that are bullshitting around need to get it in gear so my numbers look a little better before the clinic starts wanting me to trigger.. I THINK I have atleast 3 days left to stim before they start saying ok let's trigger but who knows.. I am thinking I want to ask the RE to lower my meds back to 150IU of Follistim because that 75IU increase caused those other puppies to really jump out there, and didn't exactly do what we wanted it to do, it kinda did the opposite actually, so not a great thing to see on the monitor this morning.. Still have to wait on the call for my labs to come in, but I suspect my E2 has taken a dramatic increase as well.. If it's 800 or less I will be happy, because I am sure that buys me a few more days, so I need all kinds of luck, prayers, mojo and whatever else you guys can think of right now!! For those that are interested here is my protocol:

BCP (Birth control Pills) - 43 DAYS
Lupron - 10 units since 4/4/11 (stay on 10U all the way thru)
Repronex - 150IU PM Since 4/17
Follistim - 150IU 4/18 - 4/23
Follistim 225IU 4/24 & 4/25
Repronex 150IU
Lupron 10U
SO.. now I want to go back to 150IU of both and see if that gives me more days to let these slow growers do their thing.. Will update once I have my labs back!

UPDATE: Well, labs are in and just as I thought, the nurse is saying I might trigger TOMORROW!! Not happy with this news at all.. AND she said my RE wrote for me to do 250IU Follistim!! I am in shock!! I don't think they are going to wait on those smaller ones, I think I am ending up with the 6 that are there and that sux... so that's my update..

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Part Deux: Second Stim Monitoring Appt. Day 6.5

Had my 2nd stim monitoring appointment today. I have 5 follicles on the left that are growing nicely (all over 10mm) and on the left there is ONE that is greater than 10mm the other too are almost 10mm. So the RE had me up my dosage today to 225IU of Follistim and keeping the Repronex at 150IU, lupron stays at 10U, so I am happy with this. She said upping the Follistim to 225IU will help the several smaller ones get kick started to grow but won't cause the others to grow really fast so this is exactly what we want! My E2 (estradiol) is 400, P4 (Progesterone) is less than 0.2 (this is good because if this starts to rise you are getting ready to ovulate so trigger is coming no matter what) LH is 2 (also very good) and FSH is 11 (no need to panic, it's supposed to go up when you are actually taking FSH drugs). I go back Monday morning for my 3rd check. Hoping this increase in my dosage does the trick and we see more follicles Monday, but as of right now, everything is on track! I am so thankful for how calm and stress free this cycle is going now that it's actually moving along.. I pray it continues this way.. Weather here in NJ is rainy and icky and a bit chilly, so I am staying holed up in my hotel room with the TV and my precious laptop! As long as I have snacks it's ALL GOOD!!! I went with my Mom to see Madea's Happy Family yesterday and it was HILARIOUS!! SO that was my bit of fun for the weekend. OK later gators next update Monday.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Part Deux: First Stim Monitoring Appt. Day 4.5

So I had my first monitoring appointment today. It wasn't awesome (IMO) and it wasn't terrible. I had 3 follicles on the right (2 are 7mm, 1 is 11.7mm) and 5 follicles on the left, (all measuring 10mm) so a so-so start in my book. I go back Saturday for another ultrasound and blood work. I believe today they will increase my Follistim dosage to 225IU (or 3 vials) and keeping my Repronex at 150IU (or 2 vials). I would be surprised if they increased my repronex.. So that's where I am at right now.. Since I am donating half the eggs this cycle, I DEFINITELY need more follicles to show their faces than what is currently showing up on the ultrasound.. The tech said it's still early so anything can happen.. There were some smaller ones at 3-5mm but who knows if they are going to catch up or not (I think they can, but hey what do I know?) Don't have the results of my blood work back yet, I am sure that will be more telling.. I am thinking I am going to stim probably 14 days this go round instead of the usual 11. That works for me, I want them to get as many as they can to give both of us a real shot at some decent embryos and a BABY! Will edit later after I have my bloodwork results in..

OK wonder of wonders, I got the call about 30 minutes ago and the nurse said "You are doing really well!" SO I guess I don't know jack apparently! I'll take what I can get. So my E@ (estrogen level) is 184 and meds stay the same until Saturday and then possibly going up then so this dose must be working for me so far.. I am just praying this continue along nicely and maybe we get another good bunch of follicles to jump start. Til next time (Saturday)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

IVF Cycle Chronicles Stimulation Phase: Part Deux

Started stims today! Not without some DRAMA, of course (cmon now, y'all know that's par for the course with me at this point!) Clinic never called me to give me my instructions on dosage. I call and leave a message to which I get no reply and then of course they are gone.. Call them yesterday and the nurse I need is off weekends (AGAIN OF COURSE!) long story short, after me raising my voice and getting them to call her at home she says my results of bloodwork didnt come in thats why she didnt call (why she didnt call the other clinic or ME before she left is BEYOND ME) but after more back and forth she finally tells me my dosage.. I have an appt. there tomorrow and I will be speaking with someone about this nonsense tomorrow.. ANYWHO, so we made it to our hotel and it's nice but the room is small and they already pissed me off by "charging" me $140 for incidentals (WTF!) that is for a week, "in case" I decide to charge something to my room, whatever! I am speaking to the manager about this tomorrow, she didn't even tell me she was CHARGING ME she said she needed it on file.. Yeah won't be staying here again and my REVIEW is gonna be AWESOME (insert sarcasm here)

OK back to the stim saga.. So I feel like crap already! Of course this is probably mostly from the Lupron still.. Can't imagine how I am going to feel in a few days! But of course I will let you know.. That's all for now, Later!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Day From Hell

Too much has happened today.. I feel like I aged TEN years in this one day.. I have so many balls up in the air there is NO WAY I can keep them all going for much longer. It seems like every time we take 2 steps forward towards retrieval the bitchifer nurse comes up with some lame reason to hold us up! She ALMOST had us, but NOPE team BADASS pulled out the win!! After this is all over I will explain everything that has transpired over this last few days but I just can't even do it right now.. So on to my appointment tomorrow and then ROADTRIP! So pray all things are good tomorrow with my blood work so i can hit the road.. OH and Lupron still SUX! Headaches are coming every day now (but thankfully mostly towards dinner time and the end of the day) and my stomach has now started to sting from all the shots, it stings all the time.. That's the down side to losing some of that belly fat, less cushion for the drugs to simmer into! That and the fact that I am like an old man always pulling up my damn pants from showing my plumbers crack.. That is all

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lupron Day 8 Take Deux

Had my monitoring appointment this morning! Not many antral follicles seen this time (not sure why they are counting them now that I have been on Lupron for 8 days!) but bloodwork "looked good" Go again Friday for bloodwork only (YAY!) then head out of town! I start stims Sunday and the dose is going to be "higher than last time" I wish they would tell me what higher than last time means! I guess I find out Friday what doses I will be on or I will be just making it up myself,LOL! 2 and 2 sounds good to me, HA! On the headache front, yesterdays was a doozy, but hopefully they start going away because I am OVER them already, UGH! Right now I am working on my last minute packing and cleaning of my house. I have all my healthy snacks packed, so atleast I will be able to keep my good eating habits going! So that's about it for now, until Friday!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Baby Step Closer

So the Psych Eval reports have been officially sent to the RE's office! We are deemed sane. (I have NO IDEA HOW, haha!) and that was the last of the "red tape" that was needed to move forward. Still waiting on feedback for a date for J & E to have their testing done.. On the Lupron front, it's day 4 and I am having weird side effects. Constantly thirsty (so constantly peeing, UGH!) the errant BOOB PAIN from last cycle is back and incredible sleepiness! I have had a few headaches, but I am getting good at heading them off at the pass, so nothing major yet with those knock wood! So that's about it for an update, I go Monday for monitoring so I will update then unless something cool or funny or ridiculous happens that I JUST HAVE to share (knowing me any of those could happen!) Until then!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Moving Right Along Lupron Day 1 Take Deux

So today was day ONE of Lupron for my 2nd cycle in 90 days!It wasn't very long ago that I was heading to my piss poor egg retrieval, thanks to Dr. EFFS-SH!T-UP! But we aren't here to talk about that.. MOVING ON.. So far, no dreaded Lupron headache, but another curious side effect has kicked in.. SLEEPINESS! I am SO sleepy since taking that shot this morning, UGH! I have been yawning all day and ready to snuggle up and ZZZZzzzzz, pretty much anywhere that looks cushy enough! I have fought the urge all day but as it gets to be the super late 10 O'clock hour, I don't think I can fight it much longer.. Yeah so anywho back to the reason you are all here.. I will have my 1st monitoring appointment next Monday and then again on April 15th. After that we hit the road for parts unknown (in this case it's NJ) and I stay there until who knows when.. But alas, I will have my trusty laptop with me so you won't be getting away that easily! Today is also Day 39 of BCP for anyone that's counting.. Yeah, fun stuff.. Here's a fun lil nugget, I managed to get my hotel (YES HOTEL, not MOTEL or NO-TEL) for 39 bucks a night! Yep, you read that right, now normally, this place is $99 a night and UP! I know right!?!?! I rocked priceline so hard didn't I?? I was kinda impressed too, it's ok folks. Now if I can just find an awesome one way price for DH to return to NJ when it's time that would be AWESOME.. I was equally rad getting his going home ticket for $105.90, yup another awesome display of my sheer genius, with a small bit of help from priceline.. So um yeah, that's about it for me.. Until next time!

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