Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Day From Hell

Too much has happened today.. I feel like I aged TEN years in this one day.. I have so many balls up in the air there is NO WAY I can keep them all going for much longer. It seems like every time we take 2 steps forward towards retrieval the bitchifer nurse comes up with some lame reason to hold us up! She ALMOST had us, but NOPE team BADASS pulled out the win!! After this is all over I will explain everything that has transpired over this last few days but I just can't even do it right now.. So on to my appointment tomorrow and then ROADTRIP! So pray all things are good tomorrow with my blood work so i can hit the road.. OH and Lupron still SUX! Headaches are coming every day now (but thankfully mostly towards dinner time and the end of the day) and my stomach has now started to sting from all the shots, it stings all the time.. That's the down side to losing some of that belly fat, less cushion for the drugs to simmer into! That and the fact that I am like an old man always pulling up my damn pants from showing my plumbers crack.. That is all


  1. Just sending a hug!!! So sorry things haven't been going smoothly, but glad to hear things are still moving forward!

  2. Thank you so much Rebekah! It means alot. Hopefully things are moving along great for your journey!


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