Sunday, April 17, 2011

IVF Cycle Chronicles Stimulation Phase: Part Deux

Started stims today! Not without some DRAMA, of course (cmon now, y'all know that's par for the course with me at this point!) Clinic never called me to give me my instructions on dosage. I call and leave a message to which I get no reply and then of course they are gone.. Call them yesterday and the nurse I need is off weekends (AGAIN OF COURSE!) long story short, after me raising my voice and getting them to call her at home she says my results of bloodwork didnt come in thats why she didnt call (why she didnt call the other clinic or ME before she left is BEYOND ME) but after more back and forth she finally tells me my dosage.. I have an appt. there tomorrow and I will be speaking with someone about this nonsense tomorrow.. ANYWHO, so we made it to our hotel and it's nice but the room is small and they already pissed me off by "charging" me $140 for incidentals (WTF!) that is for a week, "in case" I decide to charge something to my room, whatever! I am speaking to the manager about this tomorrow, she didn't even tell me she was CHARGING ME she said she needed it on file.. Yeah won't be staying here again and my REVIEW is gonna be AWESOME (insert sarcasm here)

OK back to the stim saga.. So I feel like crap already! Of course this is probably mostly from the Lupron still.. Can't imagine how I am going to feel in a few days! But of course I will let you know.. That's all for now, Later!


  1. Blech - sorry about the nurse and hotel drama!! You need a break from all that - time to focus on nice big healthy follicles! :D Fingers crossed!!

  2. Well that nurse was apparently in too much of a rush to start her weekend! Boo! I'm sorry ur having to deal with nimwits! It will get better!!


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