Monday, April 4, 2011

Moving Right Along Lupron Day 1 Take Deux

So today was day ONE of Lupron for my 2nd cycle in 90 days!It wasn't very long ago that I was heading to my piss poor egg retrieval, thanks to Dr. EFFS-SH!T-UP! But we aren't here to talk about that.. MOVING ON.. So far, no dreaded Lupron headache, but another curious side effect has kicked in.. SLEEPINESS! I am SO sleepy since taking that shot this morning, UGH! I have been yawning all day and ready to snuggle up and ZZZZzzzzz, pretty much anywhere that looks cushy enough! I have fought the urge all day but as it gets to be the super late 10 O'clock hour, I don't think I can fight it much longer.. Yeah so anywho back to the reason you are all here.. I will have my 1st monitoring appointment next Monday and then again on April 15th. After that we hit the road for parts unknown (in this case it's NJ) and I stay there until who knows when.. But alas, I will have my trusty laptop with me so you won't be getting away that easily! Today is also Day 39 of BCP for anyone that's counting.. Yeah, fun stuff.. Here's a fun lil nugget, I managed to get my hotel (YES HOTEL, not MOTEL or NO-TEL) for 39 bucks a night! Yep, you read that right, now normally, this place is $99 a night and UP! I know right!?!?! I rocked priceline so hard didn't I?? I was kinda impressed too, it's ok folks. Now if I can just find an awesome one way price for DH to return to NJ when it's time that would be AWESOME.. I was equally rad getting his going home ticket for $105.90, yup another awesome display of my sheer genius, with a small bit of help from priceline.. So um yeah, that's about it for me.. Until next time!


  1. I can't wait to hear how this cycle goes - and GREAT deals you found!! :D

  2. Ha ha! So funny. I love priceline, I'm actually going on there today to haggle a hotel for our trip to DC in May, wish me luck! :-)
    Hope you don't get the dreaded lupron headache, ugh!

  3. Krystal- Hit em with 39 bucks! that about the lowest you can get them to agree to! If they take that in Jersey they should take it in DC! Good luck!

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  5. Woot! WTG sistah! :-D

    I am so proud of you fighting sleep and even moreso with those great deals!!

    Praying for you here!!!




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