Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Countdown to FET 8-10 Days

We are either 8 or 10 days out from our FET! The embryos are going to be thawed on June 6th and from there we just wait (as usual, more waiting!) to see how many grow and how well they grow.. So the nerve wracking part is far from over for us.. This next week is going to be so exciting and terrifying! Right now we are just making sure everything is taken care of and everyone knows the game plan and what needs to happen when and where.. We have decided not to be at the transfer.. Some of you will think we are horrible for that, but it is what it is.. Since it is an 8hr drive WITHOUT traffic ONE WAY, we have decided to save DH's days off for the 6wk ultrasound visit and the many other important milestones.. My friend was the one that suggested we just stay put.. I felt terrible and told her I wanted to be there for her and for her to know that we supported her and she assured me she does know that we do, but insisted we didn't need to drive 8hrs for a 15 minute procedure... So instead I made her that cool basket from this post and hope she knows how much we love and appreciate her and her family! In as little as 8 days, my friend may be pregnant with our child.. I am in total amazement!


  1. Just catching up on all I've missed over the past few weeks... thinking good "thawing" vibes and some sticky vibes, too!!

  2. I just saw that you have your own blog. Thanks for all your support with mine and I'm wishing you success on June 6th. Fingers crossed for you!

  3. So close!!!
    I know you're dying with anticipation. This is totally gonna work. You got it.

  4. I' so excited for you!!!! It's GONNA WORK, I just know it!! Will your friend be testing at hm prior to the beta?

  5. Krystal- YUP!! Got 28 HPT's, LOL! =)


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