Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We Have Delivery!

The embryos made it to our new clinic in Atlanta bright and early this morning! So thankful that we made it through this part of the journey, such a weight has been lifted off our shoulders this morning! Next stop my sweet friends uterus! So this is what we are looking at time frame wise:

6/6- Embryos thawed

6/8- Embryos evaluated to see if there are any breakout stars, if so transfer today
*If all embryos look equal, they will be grown out and evaluated 2 days later/

6/10 Embryos evaluated and the best 2 or 3 are transferred, depending on what we are left with from the original "FAB FIVE"

So we are 15 or 17 days out from transfer day! Getting closer!!


  1. OMG, it's sooooooo close!! Can't wait to hear about your BFP!!

  2. Krystal- I KNOW AAAAAH!! It's so exciting and scary!!

  3. Oh I sure hope it works for you! Having babies to hug and cuddle is the best thing ever...


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