Sunday, June 12, 2011

2nd Best.News.Ever.

Because the BEST NEWS EVER will be if we get a BFP!! But the second best news ever is the embryologist at my clinic just emailed me (Finally, UGH! I have been waiting on some type of update for DAYS NOW!) He re froze one "nice blast" on day 6!! The other stopped growing, so out of 5 2PN frosties, I only lost 1!! I am SO HAPPY TODAY!! I am hoping that means the day 3 embies we did transfer have an even better shot, since the 2 we didn't transfer were behind the other 3 in development on Wednesday! EEK!! OMG!!!! Come on 2 week wait, well now only 8 day wait, LOL!! But POAS is just around the corner so hopefully I have good news to report soon!! Until the Pee Stick Chronicles, enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Thinking super, duper sticky thoughts for you. How exciting!!

  2. Alright, it's time to start practicing POAS! :-) The suspense is killing me!!

  3. Sending lots of positive and sticky thoughts your way. Can't wait to hear about the POAS results!


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