Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fully Backed By The Choir

It's official.. Beta is 4.6... My WHAT THE FUCK?! Appointment is at 10AM tomorrow, or more nicely known as my consult.. At that time I will grill him with questions I already know the answer to (like it was more than likely a chromosome issue and nothing more, but i want to hear him say it..) I plan to ask:

  • What is the thaw success rate of 6 day blasts?
  • What are our chances with a 6 day blast?
  • Did it actually take 6 days to grow to blast or did they just freeze it on the 6th day?
A wonderful follower asked me about PGD.. We opted NOT to do this for a few reasons and still choose not to if we had to do another cycle. I have donated a total of THREE times now.. All of these women have babies from my eggs, the most recent being TEN WEEKS pregnant! So we know my eggs worked almost 8 years ago obviously and we also know my currently 37 year old eggs DO WORK.. We believe we just chose the wrong embryos to transfer or basically, we got the short end of the stick this time.. Maybe this last embryo is our baby... Maybe not.. If not, we WILL be doing a fresh cycle and a fresh transfer, the one thing we have not done that all the others did.. So maybe that is the key, we just need to do a fresh to have success.. Who knows, but we are going to go in to this FET with open hearts and as much positivity as we can bring!
    Anything else anyone can think of that I need to ask put it in the comments ASAP so I can be prepared for tomorrow mornings call! Thank you all again for the love and support and ROUND 2 is in a few weeks, so stay tuned! :) PLEASE KEEP THE IDEAS COMING, I get the call at 10AM, so I will be checking tonight and in the morning everyone! THANKS!


    1. have u thought about getting pgd testing done? good luck on your next cycle!!

    2. Whitney- Yep, we thought about it, but realistically it's not in our budget.. Also, from what was explained to us, there's no guarantee with that either.. They only biopsy ONE cell and it could be the one abnormal cell and the rest of the embryo be normal OR it could be the one normal cell and the rest of the embryo be abnormal, so we are opting not to do it, plus it costs almost as much as our FET is costing and we only have one embryo left and it would have had to be done before it was a blast, ya know? IF this last embryo isn't our baby, our next choice is a fresh cycle, but still without PGD.. But thanks! :)

    3. I'm so sorry to hear this cycle didn't work out. At least you have some frozen blasts so that's good.

    4. Glad to hear you are marching onward. Most embies don't make it to blast so that gives a huge chance! I think you have a winner looking to snuggle in :)

    5. I know it's not the common road, but we didn't ask too many 'technical' questions. Our dr doesn't assign grades to embryos (or he just didn't tell us). It was too easy for me to get caught up in the numbers... percent of times it works, percent of embryos that make it to a certain stage. I will say what got ME (not necessarily DH) through the infertility years was faith, trust, and always having a plan for next steps. As far as I can see, you have all those in the bag - so no advice, just hugs and support for you!

    6. hey there! I wanted to say I am new to your blog and am now a follower of urs. I will be catching up on some of ur posts and be hoping for the best! =)

    7. Again, I'm so sorry, Tonya. :( As far as advice, I think you have all the bases covered so far. Like you said, you know nothing is wrong with your eggs since there have been pregnancies achieved using them. IVF is literally a crap shoot, and it sucks. Our 1st transfer was with "good quality" embryos and we got a BFN. Then on our 2nd try they were "not-so-good quality", we're talking only 4 cells, and now I'm 20 weeks! That's proof enough that it's luck of the draw.
      I will continue to pray for you and hope to hear some good news in the near future.

    8. I just found your blog last week and I am hooked!

      I'm new to this whole thing and dont yet understand all the lingo (I'm looking into becoming a surrogate), but I am so sorry it didn't work this time. Good luck!!


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