Friday, June 3, 2011


Lining check was today! J's lining was 8.5mm TRIPLE LINED (YUP, That's good!)
We are 5 days out from transfer, so it will fluff up a bit more by Wednesday! I am about 95% sure that is transfer day!! I told the nurse today that is my preference, no need to go to day 5 if we don't have to, or just for "GP".. Umm, no thanks! So I am praying we have 2-3 definite overachievers on Wednesday and we can definitely go to transfer then.. Next up: THE THAW!!! Monday the "kids" come out of hibernation and hopefully kick start into growing and dividing! And for those of you who are wondering, we are TOTALLY POAS!! We have about a million (OK, more like 50!) and we plan on testing until BFP or beta day, whichever comes first! But that's jumping the gun a bit, we have to get to THE THAW!! (I like saying that, I say it like Jim Carey said "THE CLAAW" in Liar, Liar) Til Monday my peeps!


  1. Yippee!!! That's a good lining #! I'm glad to hear ur gonna POAS, I'm so impatient! Can't wait to hear about the BFP!

  2. Great news! We're still too nervous about the home test. So far - we'll see how we feel tomorrow!

  3. Kevin- I am nervous too but we are gonna do it anyway, LOL!! I will be checking to see if you test tomorrow!


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