Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We're Baaack!

Got our schedule today. Estrace starts TOMORROW! Frozen Embryo Transfer of "MO" is July 22nd!! We are thrilled with this schedule! Everything is going according to plan for a change for us and we LOVE IT! Yes, more of this please and less of the "uh oh, what the hell just happened?" ummkay? Thanks! So yeah.. we are officially back on this rollercoaster as of tomorrow, can y'all believe it!? SO incredibly happy to be moving forward so quickly! Now we have to concentrate on positive thoughts that "MO" will survive the thaw that morning! Let my copious amounts of wine drinking begin!


  1. Mo is a fighter's name FOR SURE. So excited you got back on the roller coaster so quickly!

  2. I know right!? Now let's hope I am not known as BOOZY by the time this is over,LOL!! Gotta go my wine is getting warm! ;)

  3. Wow less than a month away already!! C'mon MO!!!


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