Thursday, June 23, 2011

WTF Appointment Replay

Talked to the RE about an hour and a half ago... Call didn't take long because I'm smart like that,lol.. So let me break it down for y'all:
  • Officially a chemical pregnancy (yeah, we knew that)
  •  When it happens this early, it's more often than not due to the eggs not being genetically normal.. (so again we knew this, but wanted to hear it officially) NOW for what I didn't know: at my age (37) 60% of the eggs in any IVF cycle are probably abnormal... That's a tough pill to swallow folks!
  • The chances at a successful thaw for "MO" (the last of the Mohicans, ie our ONE embryo) 90%
  • Chances that we will have a successful pregnancy from "MO"? 30% (mostly because I'm old, but also because it took 6 days to grow to blast since on day 3 it was behind the freakin THREE we did transfer in growth!
 So with this next coming AF, we are clear to start again, my friend just has to call when it starts and that resets the calendar! We are hoping it's in the next week for sure! So that's all I have for now.. Once we have some action from ole AF I will have more to report and this dance starts again! Wish us some witchy AF vibes so we can get this show on the road!!


  1. That's not too bad. I know we all want more than a 30% chance, but it's the odds are decent. My doctor said that for plain, ol', natural conception there's a 25% chance of pregnancy so you're at least around a "normal" chance of success like any other couple.

  2. Michael- I know, I know,lol.. You would think with how expensive IVF is you could "buy" some extra percentage points though, damn! At least I have a clear plan of action now.. We are hopeful that our little embryo that could is the one!

  3. Pooey on percentages! According to our RE we only had a 10-15% chance that my IM's (40 yr old) eggs would work. And whadda ya know? It worked, maybe not the 1st time, but it did work! :-) Then once your pregnant, they'll scare you again about the damn percentage that something could be "wrong" with the baby because of age, blah, blah. It's in God's hands. Screw the percentages! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

  4. I'm so sad to read this. :( (Last I checked things were good--I somehow must have misclicked the follow button because I wasn't getting updates)

    I am hoping so hard that MO will snuggle down tight and healthy for you and your friend.

    *hugs hugs hugs*


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