Tuesday, September 13, 2011

OK and then there were THREE again..

So new clinic is a bust.. For one, the girl didn't seemed too pressed to give me any info and talked to me like I was an idiot.. So that left a bad taste in my mouth from jump.. Convo went something like this:

Me: Hi (insert rude girls name) I was calling to get more information on a doing an IVF cycle with a surrogate at your clinic. I reviewed the info on your website but it doesn't say what the $9,000.00 covers for the surrogate cycle.

Her: You have to find your own surrogate it doesn't include that.

Me: Umm, I know that, we already have a surrogate. I want to know what the $9,000.00 covers.

Her: The cycle... *enter crickets chirping*

Me: What.Parts.of.the.cycle.??

Her: Well it doesn't cover compensation to the surrogate ma'am. It covers the cycle.

Me: OK look can you tell me if it includes the monitoring, if so for who, and each thing that would be covered.

Her: It covers retrieval, monitoring and the things associated with an ivf cycle.

Me: ICSI? Her: oh no that's extra (Now I am looking at my phone mouthing cuss words at it!) Me: Assisted Hatching? Her: NOPE... *again crickets*

Me: So it's monitoring, retrieval, transfer to surrogate and that's it?

Her: I said that, the cycle, do you have any other questions?

Me: How much is ICSI and Assisted Hatching??

Her: I dunno, I don't have it in front of me, anything else?

Me: YES how much is ICSI and AH??

Her: (huffs and puffs) hold on.... ICSI is $2,000 AH is 750

Me: Is the freezing included in the cycle costs?

Her: How do you know you will have anything to freeze?


Her: $1500.00 is that it now??


I was TIRED after that conversation... So now I need to narrow it down to ONE so I can know what we need to save and get moving on it! We are saving currently, but we are just stashing money and have no clue what we need to have in order to proceed since we have no clinic, lol! So that's the plan.. At least with my old clinic I knew what to expect with the rudeness and disorganization... I have a consult set with the 4hr away clinic for later this month.. I am just ready to know which place so I can move on to the next phase!


  1. Oh.My.Goodness!! Excuse me, but she was a beeeotch! I would have driven to her clinic and slapped her. LOL!!

    I hope you find something!

  2. First, $2000 for ICSI is a total rip-off. Second, if they treat you like this when you're *not* a patient, imagine what it would be like *after* they had your 9,000.

    I agree: skip it.

    Looking forward to your continued journey!

  3. LOL, y'all I wish I was joking, but sadly that is EXACTLY how it went down.. Yeah I already threw their info in the trash, never to be revisited again! I shoulda said thanks a lot Asshat! :)

  4. What a bitch!! You know, since I'm on bedrest I have nothing better to do than call her and make her day absolutely miserable if you want? :) Teehee!

  5. Oh my! Not sure I would have only mouthed those cuss words. A few might have slipped before I hung up. I wonder how many patients actually make appointments after getting her on the phone.

  6. Krystal- OMG, do it! hahahaha!

    Melissa- See you are a bad influence on me! I am trying to act right, because I have been known to let some bitchery out, HA! Deep breaths, I had to say that to myself several times!

    Marissa- OMG, I know 2K for ICSI?! I shoulda asked her if it was a fuckin golden needle used to do it! So they suck you in with the low cost cycle then fist you with the back end prices, no thanks!

    Jesse- If gas wasn't damn 3.50 a gallon I might have thought about it, but depending on what color their jail jumpsuits are in her area, it might not be a good look on me, hahaha!

  7. ^^ There's those swear words you needed to get out! No need to bottle up anger. lol

    I feel the witch headed this way. A little crampy and moody, I better be careful about influencing people. ;)

  8. Holy crap!! How in the world do they have any clients!?!?!? That is absurd!!! :(

  9. OMG can we say I want to slap that girl just from reading this post!!! Thank God you aren't using them cause if this is the service you get over the phone can you imagine actually working with them. I definitely think staff is a reflection of service.


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