Thursday, December 15, 2011

SIL Consult

C had her consult and it went amazing too! Dr. Le said she has a perfect uterus and she was born to be a surrogate! He said she has a beautiful cervix. She laughed and thought it was weird, but then said "Well I guess that's a compliment considering what we are trying to do." I TOTALLY agreed and said YEP it is! HA! So she is good to go and has to call when she gets her January period!! OMG!!! my BIL has his lab order to do his labs and she has hers to do it locally at her OB (it's over $1,000 to do it at the RE's office!!!) so umm, yeah I dont think so.. SO they will be getting those done on 12/20 and the results will be faxed over to the IVF clinic. All of our testing is good to go as well! We have to redo the FDA testing, but that can be done once we get to TX.. So it's officially OFFICIAL! We are BACK!


  1. You're back and in full effect! So glad everything went smoothly with her appointment. Now just hope AF shows on time in January and time to get this ship on the road. I couldn't be happier for you Tonya. God's grace is good!

  2. Nini- God's grace IS good! We are in such a good place right now, I pray it stays this way!! We are SO excited!!!! :)

  3. I am praying for you each and every day that his grace continues to be good to you.

  4. Fantastic News! I will be following your progress closely! Hoping and praying all goes well!
    (Former IM with twins)

  5. YAY!!!!!!!!!! Everything WILL go great this time!


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