Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Teeniest of Steps Forward

Received an email from the Nurse for our cycle today! She said we do not need any labs done at this time (YAY!) and that once we are closer to retrieval we need to update our FDA testing (Another YAY!!!) And she asked when we were getting to TX (this is getting real folks!) I replied back to her and said once we get the schedule, I can plan better when we are coming. So, now I wait for a reply from her!

In other news, Christmas was really nice! The boys were happy with their gifts (Cuz, they got everything they asked for, BRATS! LOL!) and I got a splurge item (THANK YOU Swagbucks) a Xbox 360 with Kinect! I LOVE this thing! I am NOT a video game person by any means, but I freaking love this thing! There is this game called Fruit Ninja and lemme just tell ya, I should have been a Ninja for real! I am kind of awesome at this game. Oh and I got the Michael Jackson Experience game (SUPER freaking hard!!) Let's just say MJ would NOT have given me a callback to be a backup dancer *hangs head in shame* Yeah, it's pretty bad.. But really fun! I am now using the Zumba game so I can lose some of this extra large and in charge butt i am carrying around!

In other other news: A friend from high school came in to town for the holidays and I got to see her new baby! Such a doll he is.. They unfortunately have been down this sucky IF road too, so knowing she came out the other side (we are the same age) makes me so happy and gives me such hope.. Seeing her and her husband with their son is so amazing. I can't wait for that to be me and hubby.. I got some good snuggle time with that little cutie and it was great!

So that's how my Holiday was! Hopefully all of you had an equally amazing Christmas!

More to come after the New Year I am sure!


  1. Sounds like a lot was accomplished during the holidays. Congratulations! And good luck with everything in 2012!

  2. Excited that you're getting ever closer to your cycle!!

    Hoping for the best over here. :)

  3. It seems like it is all coming together nicely... can't wait to hear more!!!

  4. Dough & Bill! THANK YOU! I was so excited to see the "big reveal"! And of course to be right was just a bonus, haha!

    Marissa- Thanks a ton, glad to read the boys are getting so big I like news like that! :)

    Life- Thanks for following along!


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