Friday, December 9, 2011

Wait... WHAAAT?!?!

The other day went something like this:

RING, RING! Me: Hello? (Yes all question-y like because I could see it was the IVF clinic and I had just spoken with them) Her: Hi, may I speak to Tonya? Me: Yes, hi S____ (Yeah, I'm cool like that and recognized her voice) Her: Hi, yes... We were going over cases and Dr. Le has decided HE wants to handle your case personally, so he wants to have the consult with you BEFORE he sees your SIL, so we need to change her appointment. Me: Umm, NOPE, she is already coming from 3-4hrs away, no way I am having her come in LATER.. Just change my appointment to earlier in the day. Her: The only other answer is for yours to be TUESDAY. Me: OK sure! Tuesday is great! Sooo, ummmm... Yeah.... So now my consult is in FOUR days!!! EEEEK!

I had to rush around like a mad woman to get my medical records and overnight them so they could review them Monday for my phone consult Tuesday.. I hope he has a big lunch or a good snack because that is one HUGE envelope coming to the office! S___ said "Why not just fax it?" I said OK, do you have atleast 100 pages in your fax machine and nothing to do for a while? "Oh, no mailing them overnight is fine!" HAHAHAHAA!, Yeah, that's what I thought! I CANNOT believe I am talking to the RE in a few short days AND that he decided he wants to handle my case personally! I was OK with any RE from the Group, but just knowing that it's the "main man" makes me even more excited!! YAY Me! So that's my little update for today.. Sales are slow on ebay this week, but it's not over yet AND I still have TONS of stuff to list so I am not worried at this point. Just gotta keep at it! OK off to hit my listings while I have the house to my self!

Later Gators! Will update for sure Tuesday if not before, MWAH!


  1. Great news!! How exciting!! Can't wait to hear how the consult goes! :)

  2. Go girl! You got the "main man":) Im ready for some good news from you!!!!

  3. Thanks Jess and Destiny! I am still smiling!! I plan on asking any question I can think of! He is NOT ready for me,LOL!

  4. That is such awesome news! You better get your long list of questions ready. I'm sure this adds another level of comfort to going into this procedure with this new clinic. Waiting to hear about Tuesday....I got everything crossed so tight it hurts :-)

  5. Very cool update and positive thoughts for all those ebay listings!!!!! :D

  6. Definitely awesome news..keeping my fingers crossed for you! sending out positive vibes for your ebay items too!


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