Monday, December 31, 2012


Going to be a lazy NYE at our house tonight.. Hubs is still at work and Greyson and I are just chilling out (he's currently in the game room with his big brothers, probably helping them kill some sort of zombie or something,lol!) I have no desire to ring in the New Year out. Being in with my little family is everything that I could have wished for and more...Also wanted to quickly say, Greyson is doing AMAZING! He is holding his head up sooo good! Also he is cooing, which is incredibly adorable and he is smiling that big gummy smile, which just melts my heart! Definitely counteracts those terrible cries in the middle of the night, HA! We are still discussing "Project Sibling" round these parts.. Christy is on board of course, but we are still trying to go over everything budget wise to make sure it is feasible without causing too much stress to our wallets! I will do a post about that some time really soon.. Nothing much to report otherwise, things are just moving right along.. I will leave you with some adorable pictures of Greyson!

Trying to decide if he wants to smile..

Yep, I wanna smile!

Mommy's Funny!

Wishing all of you a VERY BLESSED NEW YEAR!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I am doing my Christmas post early, because we are super busy around here! There aren't enough hours in the day to get everything that I want done.. So I decided to shout my Happy Holidays, Merry Christmases and all that jazz today! I hope each and every one of you has a very Happy Holiday and a blessed NEW YEAR! I hope that the New Year brings happiness to those that have seen heartache and new beginnings to all of us.. I am sure I will get a post in before the New Year rolls around, but still it's worth saying now just the same.. Until then:

Santa says "Naughty or Nice?"

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Can You Spoil a Newborn?

That's the question of the day.. Everyone has an opinion on holding a baby too much or not. Of course the nurses said "You CANNOT spoil a baby at this age, they don't know how to manipulate you...YET"... I beg to differ! This is Greyson when he is NOT being held:

My MAD face when I'm not being held!

However, the minute you pick him up he does this:

Now, I'm no genius BUT METHINKS this kid definitely has a preference on his ass touching something other than someones arm or his head resting on something other than some boobs or some manchest, JUST SAYIN'.....

So needless to say I am not getting much done around these parts as of late.. I am only able to post because he is asleep right now! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE snuggling and holding my little guy, BUT... C'mon dude I can't hold you all day..EVERY DAY.. I just can't..

But alas.... He has other ideas!

The few and far between times he will sit in his swing (it doesn't last long!) But damn if he isn't a cute little stinker!!! :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1 Month Old

Greyson is ONE MONTH OLD TODAY!!!  Time is flying by so quickly.. He is over 10lbs and starting to sleep a bit better the last few days.. Last night he slept over 5 hours!! In fact I jumped up around 6:55am and touched his face because I was scared, since he hadn't made a peep to wake me up at his usual 2:45am-3:30am feeding.. We were pretty excited when we realized we got a good solid 5 hrs of sleep, lol! Here's hoping that trend continues in the coming days/weeks..

I wear Pooh at least once a week for my Nana!

One Month Old today, Rock On!


I can't believe how fast December is going by! Luckily I am pretty much finished with my shopping, but man I still need to send out my Christmas cards! They came out so cute! I got all the boys together in santa hats! Adorbs! I still need to do my holiday food shopping, but I am not sure what I want to cook yet..I tend to do the same foods for Thanksgiving and Christmas but instead of a turkey or ham I do a prime rib roast or something like that.. Not sure what I want to do this year and I don't have much time to figure it out! 

We are still in talks regarding a "sibling project" for Greyson.. I change my mind day to day about this.. Reality is setting in with my sleep deprivation and I am thinking I am nuts for even wanting to do this again! BUT, then I look at his sweet face and say I TOTALLY wanna do this again.. Cost is a factor too. We are pretty much finished paying for the Greyson cycle and the remnants of the "fails" before that, with the exception of a few grand. That will be paid off before the summer. If we are going to do this again, we need to start saving something towards it and then getting our minds around more tries (yes TRIES, because we have no guarantee it's going to work on the 1st FET like it did the first fresh. Our FET history is kind of sucky, if y'all remember.. We have FIVE embryos in cryo, so that gives us FIVE eSET (elective single embryo transfers) OR (2) double embryo transfers and (1) eSET... I am liking that idea more, BUT it isn't lost on me that there is a chance at multiples in doing option #2... So lots to think about still... 

For some people it might seem sudden or even crazy to be thinking about a sibling so soon after, but in reality it's not.. This isn't something that can happen without planning, so in order to make sure we can afford it OR that it's feasible for all parties involved we have to start talking about it and working it out on paper now.. It does make for some stressful talks, BUT in the end we feel it's worth it to at least have the conversation, ya know? I think we will have a definite answer in the next 2-4 months..

That's about it for now, off to pump (AGAIN) that's about what my day consists of, pumping, feeding, changing, burping, (rinse & repeat!) BUT I LOVE IT!!! *the sleep deprivation, not so much!*

Friday, December 7, 2012

My Birthday...

Today is my birthday! And When hubby talked about getting me a gift, all I could think of was that I already had the best gift I could ever get, my sweet baby boy! Hubby let me have the night off and took care of him so I could get some rest and that was so amazing.. I took the morning shift since I was rested and we have just been hanging out today, me and my little man.. Later we are heading to dinner at my Dad's for his amazing ribs and whatever else my Stepmom has cooked up, I am sure it will be super delicious!  

I feel so thankful this birthday... Thankful that my dream of a baby has finally come true after so long... Thankful that I am not just a little sad this holiday season for "what could have been" because it's actually here! I feel so "FULL"... I don't know how else to explain it.. My wish is for everyone who wants to experience parenthood whether through surrogacy, IVF or any other ART that has been on this journey realizes their dream of being "FULL" as well.. That's about it! Greyson will be ONE MONTH OLD in a few days, ACK!!! More on that later... I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! MWAH!

Monday, December 3, 2012

3wks Old

Greyson is 3 weeks old today!!! I can't believe it... He is growing so fast and so adorable. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful little guy.. He is sleeping longer at night but he is also staying up longer when he is awake. We try to minimize the amount of interaction during changing and feeding in the middle of the night, but sometimes he just wants to party anyway! He is adjusting well to his surroundings and I think it will only get better as he gets older. He has had some spitting up issues that I suspect could be reflux, so I will talk to the Dr. about that next month at his TWO MONTH appointment. 

Greyson's newborn photo shoot was SO amazing! My friend Karmen took some really amazing photos! Now I have to work on getting my Christmas cards made and mailed out.. 

Christmas is going to be very laid back this year, since Greyson won't have any immunizations still, we won't be running all over town taking him to see everyone, so we will be relaxing at home. We are not going all out with gifts this year either, like we do every other year. My gift is Greyson! I can't think of anything else that I could want more.. The big boys already told me what they wanted, I told them to pick two things they really wanted and that was it, so they did. I got my nieces and nephews things ordered so I am pretty much done with Christmas shopping! 

Can y'all believe gifts are STILL coming in for Greyson!!! It's insane. Just today we got two more packages, one was from my friend Mandi and it is an adorable "sock monkey" hat and diaper cover! She wanted to send it in time for Greyson's newborn shoot, but she hasn't been feeling well. She is also making him an adorable "football" hat! Can't wait to get that one and have his 6mos pics taken in it.. Greyson got a diaper cake, a radio flyer wagon basket and a package of "little monster" rompers and jumpers! This boy is so loved already, it's amazing.. So many wonderful people have sent him things, it's impossible to name them all!

OK, so what you all come here for now anyway, lol.. Here are some pics oh my THREE WEEK OLD little chubster!

Totally is Mommys Heart Breaker!
Quit Monkeying Around Mommy!
Monkey Butt!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

2wks 3days Old

I Cannot believe our little guy is 2 weeks and 3 days old already! Time is surely flying by. Much faster than it did when we were waiting on him to be born! Greyson had his 2wk appointment on Monday and he did so great! Not only does he NOT have to supplement on formula right now, but the Dr. said we don't have to wake up to feed him every 2hrs anymore since he gained a whopping 14oz in ONE WEEK! He said feed him when he is hungry, no need to be on a rigid schedule anymore. I was so proud of myself. I was really feeling like I was failing him with him not gaining any weight since he had been born, but in fact losing another ounce. But now we are on the upswing and it it wonderful! Greyson is SUCH a happy baby. He is still waking every 2.5-3.5hrs a night to eat which I can live with. 

Last night he went two 4hr blocks before stirring! He is now eating 3oz-3.25oz at each feeding (I am dipping in to my frozen milk stash since I don't have a full supply to nurse him the entire day. I was prepared for this though) he likes to nurse best when he isn't fully awake or snack when he has bottlefed for maybe 1.5-2 ounces.. He is such a snuggler.. 

We are still adjusting to life with a newborn. I am sure people think "Oh she has done this twice before, it's like riding a bike" Uhhhh, actually it's not. It's been SO LONG since I have done this that I truly feel like a 1st time mom! I jump at the slightest noise he makes and I cannot stand to hear him cry, it hurts my heart. Every step forward makes my heart sing.. So far at each appointment he checks out perfectly and I am so thankful for that. Life is really wonderful on the other side, but I still think about the "dark days" too. I feel sadness for my friends who are not yet on the other side, although that number thankfully is dwindling.

We are already thinking ahead regarding a sibling for Greyson. Yes, he has two already, BUT he has no one to grow up with. My older boys were best of friends or arch enemies (pick your day of the week, lol!) They fought constantly or loved each other fiercely and still do. I want that camaraderie for Greyson. So we are going to take this year and see what our finances and lives are looking like and then get a game plan together. 

OK enough about that, we have lots of time for that talk. Here are some cute pics of the little man from the last weeks..

2wks 3 days!

Newborn Photo Session Sneak Peek! 11 days old

1 week old 1st Dr visit with Mommy
1 week old 1st Dr visit with Daddy

 OK until next time!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones. I have SO MUCH to be thankful for this year!!



Saturday, November 17, 2012

5 Days Old

Hey guys! First off, Christy came through her surgery great!! She ended up having to have another procedure to have some stones removed from her bile duct, but she came through both surgeries great! She is recovering nicely and was able to go home Thursday. She's a total ROCK STAR! She even walked with us to the hospital doors Wednesday after her surgery to see us off!

Greyson is such a doll. EXCEPT WHEN HE IS NOT SLEEPING AT NIGHT. Which is EVERY NIGHT.. Yeah not so awesome, LOL! We love him to pieces though, let me tell ya.. I could eat this child up.. I am trying to take his picture every day because he seems like he is changing so fast! I can't believe my little man is almost a week old already! He was supposed to be born yesterday!!! Crazy!!!

 Also, if any of you guys have that exergen temperal thermometer, do you like it? I HATE MINE and will be returning it to BBRUS! I got like 7 different readings in a 1 minute span. Sucks big time.. 

I am super tired so this is a quick update. I mostly wanted to let everyone know that we made it home safely (YAY!) and that Christy was home recovering and being her awesome self. That's all for now!  Oh and this picture from today :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Greyson Kane was born at 11:18AM CST weighing 7lbs 6.5oz and 20 3/4" long. We cannot stop looking at him and being in awe of his gorgeousness.. He is everything we thought he would be and more.. We are so in love.. Christy is doing much better now that he is out. Her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that she comes through with flying colors and a speedy recovery. We are forever grateful to her for what she has given us.. OK, without further ado, here he is!

 It may be a little bit before I get a chance to blog again, we are bonding with and loving on our precious gift.. I am NOT leaving though, I love my blog and all of you! I will be back with updates as soon as I can, but it might not be until I get back home some time next week.. Until then let these pics hold you over! MWAH!

38w3d: BABY TIME!!!

Today is the day!!! Sorry no 38wk update, but things got crazy! Christy had some gallbladder pains and after talking with her OB, it was decided that she go to labor and delivery, just to get checked out. Well, she never got to go home! The pain was too bad and it caused her pancreatic enzymes to become elevated so they kept her and got antibiotics on board for the last two days. We jumped in the car and headed this way early Saturday morning and made it to my father in laws house at 130 Sunday morning! The OB and general surgeon decided it's time for Greyson to come out so they can address her gallbladder surgery. She was dilated to 3cm all by herself this morning, so they added pitocin to get her contractions moving and her water has been broken! She was checked while I am typing this and she is now 5cm dilated so things are moving really quickly! We expect Greyson will make his arrival sometime early this afternoon. 

Next update will be a picture of my little man! THANK YOU for all of the love and support everyone! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

37wk0d and 300th Post!!

Here we are at 37 weeks and my 300th post!! I think I will binge on Halloween candy to celebrate! :)

 Christy had her OB appt this morning and everything is looking great still! Nice heart rate for Greyson and he is active like he should be. Christy has been feeling good (as good as you can at 37wks pregnant!) and will be finishing up work in the next 5-6 days. OB said she is almost 1cm dilated and she is 40% effaced, but cervix is still up high. Negative Group B Strep (Negative is a good thing) Induction is set for 7:30am November 16th!! I am pretty sure I won't be getting much sleep the night before!!! It will feel like Christmas Eve! We are feeling so blessed... We can't believe the end of this part of our journey is almost here, it's so surreal.. 

I cannot wait to share with Greyson the story of how he came to be and how much everyone wanted him and how his Aunt Christy nurtured him so he could come change our world.. This baby is SO loved already!! 

So, that's about all for now, I am sure I will have tons more to post in the coming weeks! Especially pictures of our little man! But until then, here is a picture of Christy from today at 37wks!

Friday, October 26, 2012


Here we are at 36wks! Today was an awesome day! The OB did an ultrasound and guesstimated that Greyson is around 5.5lbs right now! So we are thinking he will be around 7lbs at birth.. My brother in law was awesome enough to video the ultrasound for us, so we got to have a look at our little guy! Can't believe in 21 days we will be holding him in our arms! The days are really flying by.. 

We are taking advantage of the down time and having garage sales to clear out some clutter and it's been going really well. Of course we are saving most of the money to use for our travel, but we also picked up a few last minute things we needed for Greyson so win-win!

Christy thinks based on Greyson's size she will have an easy time delivering him (Let's pray so!) that would be great for her, so send some positive easy labor/delivery vibes her way everyone! Not much else going on, just ticking off the days until we head out. The Step B test was done today, so I guess they will give Christy the results and that's about it. DOWN TO THE WIRE!!! EEEEEE!!! :) :) :)

Oh a shout out to Leah for saving my butt by sending me her leftover Dom so I can continue to induce lactation! Thanks Girl!! 

 OK, off to watch some Shark Tank with hubby! Until next week! Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Not a big update, since this is the boring part, the WAITING! We hit 35wks Friday! I am still in Miami and will be here for another 2 weeks. Things are going well here for my friend so I am very thankful for that! Christy had another attack of her gallstones this past week, so she checked another food item off her list she can't eat. Other than that things have been pretty much status quo. The highlight of my week has been the video that Christy posted for me of Greyson moving! I can't stop watching it! This boy is such a mover, it's so amazing... We cannot wait until we are holding him in our arms.. Enjoy the video and the rest of your weekend! Next week is our 36wk appointment and we are having an ultrasound, so I should have some good details to share! Until next time!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Hey y'all another weekly update! We hit 34 weeks yesterday! 5 weeks until we meet our little boy!! Christy had an OB appointment yesterday and everything was looking great. Measuring right on track, with a good heart-rate of around 144bpm. Next visit he will be doing an ultrasound to get a concrete estimate of how much Greyson weighs.. He said just based on how Christy's uterus is measuring he estimates he will be upper 7's to low 8's. (YAY!!) CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT VISIT!! Christy thought she had an ear infection, but turns out she is suffering from allergies (BOO!) OB said take some Claritin-D. Hubs and I thought that was funny (not that she's suffering!!) that she's carrying our baby and  we BOTH have terrible allergies and now Christy has them! 

In other news I am in Miami! I have been here since Tuesday . My sweet friend Janine, found out she needed strict bed-rest and I drove down here to stay with her for the next 3 weeks to take care of her until she reaches viability! I would stay longer if I could but since we have to drive to get Greyson, that will give me about 10-11 days to get our bags situated and any other things done around home before we head out.. We are having a good time hanging out and getting to gossip and know each other in person.. YEP, you read that right, this was our first meeting in person!! I LOVE HER TONS, she is like my sister and we have talked almost daily on the phone and by text, so it was so good to finally get to hug the person connected to the voice on the other end of the phone..

My youngest son is handling the cooking and my oldest is taking care of the laundry (they are such good boys!). They are making sure their Dad is all taken care of while Mom is away.. So thankful I have great kids! I have to say though, I miss my hubby to sooo much! I miss my boys, but I hardly ever see them since they are teens, they are always doing their own thing, LOL, but hubby is my partner in crime and we are pretty much always hanging out if he isn't at work! A few weeks apart will make it so much sweeter when I get home I think.. Not much else going on (Who am I kidding, that's plenty!) but things are going good with Greyson and that makes me one happy Mommy! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, til next time!

Friday, October 5, 2012


Another week down y'all! Can't believe we have SIX weeks left until we meet our son! We have been steadily checking things off of our list and asking friends that have babies what was the thing they couldn't do without, in hopes of having everything we can possibly think of on hand (and during our trip home with Greyson) I think we are pretty good to go. We took my van in to have it looked at, to make sure it was ready for a long trip. It got a clean bill of health, so that was the last major thing to be checked off! The last thing I will do is pack our bags, but that's not for a few weeks yet.. 

In other news, my freezer is almost FULL! I have come a looong way since my first pumping days.. I have had some ups and downs with inducing, but I am glad it has worked out as well as it has.. Ultimately I think Greyson will have to be supplemented with formula, BUT he will get breastmilk for as long as possible. My stash looked like this before:

Early days of pumping

 And this is what my deep freezer looks like now:
3 more bags can go in and maybe 2 more can lay on top!

 I have actually stopped pumping as many times a day and cut back what i am freezing to 6oz a day, otherwise my freezer would be full already and I would be throwing milk out, something I hate to do. This is the best of both worlds, I can still pump and freeze, but at a slower rate. 

Aaand in more other news. I have most of Greyson's newborn and 0-3mos clothes washed and put away (So much fun and I smiled the entire time)...
 At my 2nd baby shower, my friend got him this adorable outfit to wear for Christmas and I CANNOT WAIT!:
Santa feet!

Santa butt! I die at the cuteness!

Lately, I fantasize about who he is going to look like! I look at John's baby picture and my baby picture and wonder if he will have my eyes or his dad's.. I know already from the u/s pic that he has his daddy's nose! Cannot wait to see his sweet face! So yeah, I have been looking at these two pictures ALOT!
Greyson's nose looks just like this now!

Hopefully he doesn't have my big ol' head!

Last but not least, things are just boring right now (which is a good thing) nothing to report until next Friday, when she has another OB appt. She said she is ready for him to be evicted though, he's wearing out his welcome, so it's a good thing we are getting close to the end, LOL! I will leave you with the 33 week picture from this afternoon that Christy sent me! 

OK, until next week! Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, September 28, 2012

32w0d: We Have An Induction Date

We are 32wks today!! Christy had her OB appointment today and everything was perfect again! Measuring 32cm so Dr. was thrilled with that. Christy said he is moving like he should and she hasn't had any issues with her gallbladder so things are moving along nicely. The Dr also gave us the induction date! He gave us two options for dates and we chose the earlier one since the other was the day before Thanksgiving (EEK!). This means the induction is scheduled for November 16th! He said it is not set in stone, but he is scheduling it for this date. I can live with that, at least now hubs can put his notice in at work and give them ample advance notice. That means we head to Texas in 6 weeks and 4 days people!! Holy cow!!! We still have some last minute things we need to do, but I have a feeling there are always gonna be a few last minute things to do! We will be as ready as we can be. If you think of anything we need to take with us leave me a message in the comments! My list so far is:

Bag for Greyson (clothes, onesies, socks, bibs)
Moses Basket from Bassinet
Clothes for us

We won't be in TX too long, because hubs can't take off too long from work, so the list isn't long of what I think we need to take, but I know I could be missing something important!

Will add picture of Christy at 32wks when I get it later on!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My 2nd Graduate

My youngest son (soon to be the middle child) is a senior this year! He had his pictures done over the summer and I recently got to see the proofs, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite shots with you guys! Such a handsome dude, if I say so myself!

Graduation is fast approaching, Eek!  I still can't believe we will have TWO kids graduated soon!! They have come a long way since this:



Saturday, September 22, 2012

31w0d: 2nd Baby Shower

Yesterday we had our 2nd baby shower with lots of friends that weren't able to make it to the shower that Rebekah gave us. Once again we had an AWESOME time! This shower was a liiiitle different. There were couples there and it was hosted by Jennifer my former neighbor (and sweet friend!). When we first moved into our house almost 3 yrs ago, we met Jennifer and Jose and they had two little ones a boy and girl a little over 1yo and 6yo. Since our kids were so much older, we didn't go to a lot of functions that they threw for the kids, but when they had "grown up" parties we were always there and I was "on deck" for setup and clean up. So over the last 3 yrs we have become good friends and I love them dearly. Through them we have made other friends and we were very surprised and overwhelmed with how many of them turned out on a Friday night to help us celebrate Greyson. Even the guys! 

So this was not just a shower, it was a PARTY!! There was drinking, laughing, games, (I still say some cheating, no way I only won at ONE GAME! LOL!) LOTS of food and sweets!! And gifts! So many gifts!! I told John we need another nursery just for all the stuff Greyson has received, LOL! I think we are ready for his arrival now... Well as ready as two people who stay up until 2AM and get up at 10AM can be, HAHAHA! Yeah.. We need to work on our own schedule ASAP! This coming Friday is our 32 week appointment and hopefully we will get the induction date and get this show on the road! Til then, enjoy your weekend everyone! xoxo


Saturday, September 15, 2012


Well, this week was very uneventful! Christy had her OB appt. and everything was great. OB said no diabetes (YAY!) and no anemia (double YAY!). Greyson's growth has also slowed down and he is no longer measuring a week ahead, he is measuring right on track now, so we are curious to see just how big he is going to be! My guess is around 7.5lbs... We still don't have the induction date, OB didn't have the schedule yet and said he should have it at her next visit in two weeks. Frustrating to not have the info so we can start planning John's days off with his job and getting things in order here with the kids as far as Thanksgiving goes, especially since we don't have much time to work with in the first place (We are driving there and back) No matter, all of that will be small potatoes once Greyson is here! Not a lot of anything else going on, just marking time until we head to Texas! Down to the SINGLE DIGITS for weeks people!!! :-D :-D

Sunday, September 9, 2012

29w1d: Baby Shower & Baby Bump

Today was my first baby shower! I HAD A WONDERFUL TIME!!!! I don't know why I was so worried! It was awesome. Everyone had a great time and Greyson got so many things! Everyone laughed and talked like we had known each other for years, it was really a great time! Rebekah got here Friday early evening and we got in party mode right away, doing prep for today. Everything was smooth sailing today too, she did an amazing job hosting! I think we need a storage room for all of Greyson's things, this kid is set! Here are a few shots from today:

Diaper Cake, my Dad thought it was real cake, HAHA!

Welcome Greyson

Sitting: Rebekah, Me, Amanda, Sarah, Kneeling: Tullina, Katie

Gifts for Greyson!

John and I with Greyson's treasure's!

Speaking of Mr. Greyson he seems to be growing bigger here towards the end and making his presence known! Christy is still doing well with her gallstones too! Here is the latest pic for 29 weeks (yesterday) We will be heading to TX before you know it to pick up little man!

As if the partying for the baby shower wasn't enough, a group of friends that couldn't make it due to a birthday dinner obligation decided to throw us a shower as well and that is in two weeks! So more partying is gonna be coming our way! I am gonna need a vacation to recover from all this partying! After the shower today, we made a quick stop to see the group that couldn't make it for a quick surprise party for the birthday girl! She was surprised and really shocked to see us there, it was so cute, we all yelled "SURPRISE!!!" and she said, "Oh my God! Even Tonya is here!!!" LOL!! Everyone laughed! I found out an important lesson today too, kids.. DON'T GO 19 hrs without pumping!!! By the time I sat down to pump today, my bra was wet and I was about to cry from engorgement.. NOT COOL.. I was having too much fun to worry about little things like pumping (insert the D'oh! and forehead slap here) Yeah so I got that sorted out and now I am feeling much better... Can y'all believe we only have TEN WEEKS until we meet Greyson?!?!?! EEEEEE!!!! I am still in disbelief! I still feel like I have a ton to do to get ready for him!! I know it will all get done though so I am not overly worried... Anywho, we will have a couple weeks to settle down before we are back on the roller-coaster again! So as of now we are on Greyson Countdown...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

28w1d: A Busy Week!

We made it! The third trimester is a wonderful place to be! Christy heard back from the OB and she definitely has gallstones.. In fact he said her gallbladder is FULL of them.. So for now, since she is maintaining with diet, she is OK, she just has to be on the look out since she is prone to an infection he said. Gave her instructions to head to ER if any fever or persistent pain. We are praying it's just smooth sailing from here on out, until she can deliver though. This past week was a busy one! My sister was in town with my 12 year old niece. We had a really great time visiting! The weather wasn't very nice (Thanks TS Isaac!.. NOT!) but we still managed to get in some shopping and girl time! They left this morning and I sure am gonna miss them!

Now it's time to get ready for the baby shower and SMO get together! Rebekah will be here in less than a week, OMG!! I am so excited to see her again! Beka has not divulged any of the details of the shower to me, I gave her full creative license, so it's a surprise to me! All this week boxes have been coming in with goodies for Greyson, it's been surreal to open a box and see all the cute little baby things, knowing it's for our new addition! I think this kid is gonna need a separate room just for his new things, lol!!

This next week will be spent touch up cleaning my house for the shower and doing some rearranging, gonna be another busy week! I wanted to thank all of you who commented on the gallstones post and for your ideas on things Christy could do to ease her pain, we really appreciated it! On the Greyson front, Christy said it's getting hard to bend over or pick things up that are low down.. I think the most uncomfortable part is starting right now.. Hopefully she doesn't suffer too badly! Well that's about all I have for now. Will update with lots of pictures from the shower next week! Til next time!


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