Thursday, January 19, 2012

Aaaand it's Heeeerre!

SIL's AF that is, LOL! Got a text bright and early this AM (the ET/CT time difference sucks sometimes!) saying "AF is here in full force, call Tina! :)" Oh yeah!! I jumped up and called! So as we already know, get on active bcp Saturday and they will give instructions depending on what is going on with me. Now the pressure is on ME! C'mon LH surge, we need you to bring it before the end of this month! So now just praying it is Jan 28th-30th like I think it should be! So far things are on track so I don't expect it to just be late, but ya never know with me, LOL!

On another note, my dear, sweet, crazy, new friend Nini wrote the sweetest blog post about me today. She thinks I am her support system, but the secret is SHE IS MINE! I have come to cherish our friendship in the short amount of time we have spent texting and talking on the phone. We are so much alike and sometimes we laugh more than we actually talk! She is the best. I would be going crazy if I didn't have her to commiserate with during all this waiting! I just know 2012 is THE YEAR for both of us!

Damn, I just checked my calendar to make sure today isn't my LH surge (just checking!) I never thought I would be chomping at the bit to start meds again!


  1. Tonya great update!!! cannot wait to hear your surge has arrived and you are well on your way!!! :D

  2. You've been nominated for a Liebster!! :)


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