Friday, January 6, 2012

Claim Has Been Sent

I did it! I got the claim form sent with the receipts and I called to make sure it was received (it was!) and the lady informed me that it would be processed MONDAY! I am hoping it goes through smoothly and I even got a direct deposit form from them so we don't have to wait on a check in the mail, BOOYAH! Check me out being all efficient and whatnot! LOL!! So y'all know I am gonna be watching that site like a hawk waiting for the day payment is sent! I should be getting our schedule sometime next week. If I don't have it by Wednesday I will be calling the clinic and stalking our nurse. I am sure NO ONE wants that, so hopefully she gets it done.. In other news I am on another weight loss kick. Full disclosure I gained a BUNCH of weight back after the chemical pregnancies and then after the match fell apart. I am an emotional eater and I dove into the depths of chocolate and Doritos like nobody's business! BUT I did pull myself out a while back and started doing better, but just mildly better. Annnywho.. After talking to the clinic the RE informed me that the anesthesiologist group absolutely WILL NOT give you the good stuff to have your egg retrieval if you are not at or under a certain BMI and right now I would not be getting the good stuff. SO... since about 2 weeks before Christmas I started getting my shit together.. Starting a Dec 26 I REALLY starting getting it together and I have been good since, watching my caloric intake, working out (I HATE WORKING OUT!) and drinking a shit-ton of water (anyone got any depends I can have??) and IT..IS..WORKING! I have lost 7lbs since 12/26.. Not too shabby.. My goal is to lose another 20lbs by the time I leave for TX. I am working out 4 times a week on a medium to high intensity workout for 35 minutes each session. I am loving the energy I have after but I am HATING the terrible shin pain from the running.. Tomorrow I am getting a good sports bra (Or else I run the risk of having black eyes from the girls hitting me in the face!) and possibly some new running shoes.. So I will update on my weight loss and all things IVF hopefully as soon as there is something new to report! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Congratulations--that's a great weight loss!!

    And congrats again on being so efficient1 I pity the fool who doesn't send your stuff out on time... :)

  2. Wow!! You are so focused and really ready for this journey... I am hoping it stays smooth from here on out. And yay to you for losing weight. As hard as it can be, it is soooo rewarding. Keep it up!!

  3. That weight loss is great. Make sure you do some weight lifting too. If you add a little muscle you'll burn more calories. Weight lifting made a huge difference to me when I started doing that.

  4. Marissa- THANK YOU! I am stalking the nurse, no call yet, Wednesday it's ON! ;-)

    Ashley- thanks so much! It IS hard, but I know it's worth it!

    Michael- Thanks for that info! Some of the exercises DO require me to use dumbbells with them (I hate those the most!!) I am using 5lb weights right now.. I feel like someone ran my legs over with their car today and hit my ass as they drove off, UGH! But back at it tomorrow!


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