Sunday, January 29, 2012

Maybe Tomorrow?

Still no PEAK on my digital fertility monitor. Dammit! And I was wrong, TODAY is DOC 14, so of course hoping it is tomorrow since it's day 15.. Cmon ovulation, this is getting ridiculous! I feeeel like it's coming soon, but it could just be me stressing the hell out.. At least I didn't have to work out today, YAY! But tomorrow is a different story, waaaah! I know stop complaining fatty and get moving, I know, I know.. It's just between needing to ovulate, prepping for this cycle AND trying to make sure the boys are straight here at the house (and will NOT be destroying my house while I am gone!) I am in desperate need of a glass of wine!!! But I won't partake.. I'm too much of a goody goody to do that.. No chocolate, no wine, no Doritos.. C'mon maaan! OK so I'm done whining now..

OH, I WROTE THE CARD!!! I think it is lurrrrvely and now I just need to take a pic of my basket so y'all can see how much junk I crammed in it, LOL! nothing fancy just a nice wicker/wood? Basket with tons of snacks crammed in.. Snacks I would looooove to tear in to right about now, hahaha! But I won't (but she would never know if I did, muahahahaha!) OK gotta go, I'm sure something I wanted to watch is on right now.. I hope to be updating tomorrow with news of my LH surge! Y'all pray for me!


  1. Aaaaah denial of all those fun things. Short term pain for long term gain!! Well done for sticking to your guns and staying positive for your goals :-)

  2. Come on LH surge!!! Bring it on!


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