Thursday, February 23, 2012

2nd Monitoring Appt for SIL

I realized that I don't much mention what is going on with my sister in law's side of things. I plan to correct that right now. "C" had a monitoring appt yesterday. She had been taking her lupron and decreasing the dosage in stages. She started at 20units and has decreased it to 10 and now finally 5 this past Saturday. She has also started Vivelle patches (these are estrogen patches, you wear them on your belly, they look like clear band aid squares) as well as estrace tablets orally twice a day. After her results were reviewed the RE decided she needs to up her estrace dose to 1 pill orally in the AM AND 1 pill vaginally in the AM as well as 1 pill orally PM and 1 pill vaginally PM. No change in her patches at this time. She goes back for a repeat scan on 2/28! We are hoping they see a great improvement at that time. Saturday I will ask what her lining measurement actually was. I was so focused on fixing the issue we were having with her OB (not wanting to be cooperative with getting us same day results, we have since fixed this problem) that I forgot to ask, I just wrote down the new instructions! So, that is where we are at with my SIL and the "uterus" side of things. Thankfully it's still early and it's not that big a deal, since we haven't even had egg retrieval yet! There will still be time to up her meds again if need be, but hopefully this will do the trick! Will update about that more once we get her repeat ultrasound on 2/28!

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  1. It's just amazing all that goes into the are definitely educating all of us! I'm sending your positive thoughts for the weekend!!


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