Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Small Update

Wanted to do a quick post this morning before I hit the road! I am so excited to be moving forward!! SIL had her labs and ultrasound and our nurse coordinator (NC) emailed me that everything was good and we are proceeding as planned! So kinda puts the pressure on me since she is on schedule. (Send some awesome stimming vibes my way and a few prayers wouldn't hurt!) I also wanted to update y'all on my weight loss! I am so bad about updating that, BUT rest assured I am still at it! I am 1/2 a LB away from 20lbs lost!!! I can't believe it! I might make my goal after all! So here is a run down of what will be happening in the days ahead with my cycle:

  • Day 10 of Lupron: Ultrasound and Labs
  • Day 12 of Lupron: Start Stims 300iu FSH and 75iu LH combo
  • Day 3 of stims: Labs to check E2 level (ideally over 150-300 would be good) Get info for next monitoring appt at this time.. 
As with each cycle, I will be updating whatever info I get so y'all can follow along with how I am progressing! I am hoping that all these months of supplements, healthy eating, exercising and weight loss will have a positive impact on my egg quantity and quality! So bring on the stims!! Well, that's about it for today, the next time you hear from me will be from "DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS!" 

And for all you lovers out there.. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!  I am spending the day perfectly.. Alone with my Valentine on a roadtrip! :) 


  1. Have a safe trip! Sounds like everything is moving along just as it should. I'm hoping and praying for lots and lots of good quality folis.

  2. Have been on here in a min! When r u gonna be here?? We can go to lunch or somethin! :)

  3. Hope it was an awesome day..liking the new layout. glad everything is going well!

  4. I'm so excited that all is going well for you. You're going to be close by me. If you need company or anthing else I would love to help.


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