Monday, April 30, 2012


Seriously little one, make up your mind!! These were taken like SECONDS apart, what in the world!?!?!:

  Followed by this!!

 Color me CONFUSED!?!?! This baby is a trickster already! :)


Saturday, April 28, 2012


Happy Saturday everyone! Nothing much going on still.. I know bummer.. I asked my sister-in-law if I could use her name on my blog. Previously I hadn't because she hadn't told her work yet. But, she told them yesterday so tah-dah! Christy has been feeling the effects of morning sickness pretty much everyday. Sometimes it is coupled with a headache and being extremely tired, other days take your pick of two.. Today is just headache and tired (not sure if that is better than morning sickness!) I am hoping once we hit the 2nd trimester, that this will all alleviate! Each week (Friday!) she sends me a belly pic, so I can make a scrapbook for the baby to share this amazing journey when he/she is old enough to understand. Friday is my favorite day of the week for this reason! I usually get a belly pic AND a pic of the heart-rate!
Speaking of heart rates, this baby's has been all over the place! It's anywhere from high 130's to high 150's! So my theory on boy or girl is shot! I was totally convinced it is a boy but the other day when Christy checked it was higher than 150 so I am back to "I dunno" LOL! Time seems to be going super slow and fast at the same time, I don't know if that makes sense, lol.. We hit 10 weeks yesterday so 1 more week until we have another OB visit (six days now!) No ultrasound at this visit (not really liking the laidbackness (yep that's a word!) of Christy's new OB.. How can you go so long without an ultrasound??? Boggles my mind.. I guess after you are used to dealing with RE's you have to readjust to OB's way of thinking, but dude, 20 weeks? That's just insane.. So I am guessing they will just listen on her belly for the heartbeat and do whatever else they would do at this visit.. We will find out when the NT Scan is at this visit so hopefully it is just the next week and we will finally have a detailed ultrasound and see what is going on in there! Then our plan is to do the 3D (or is it 4D) ultrasound package so we can find out the sex. We will do that somewhere after 16 weeks but before the 20 week ultrasound the OB has scheduled.. So that's about it for now in baby news! Working on my next set of posts, involving inducing lactation.. Stay tuned!



Saturday, April 21, 2012


Nothing new to report, so that's a good thing! "C" is still feeling sick most days or puking. Not good for her, but is a sign of a healthy pregnancy (or so I have read) so I take that as a good thing although I feel terrible for her. She is also very tired all the time. I am hoping once she stops the meds in 2 weeks that this will subside some. If you have to be sick, at least do it with your energy intact, ya know? Heart rate still not loud enough to record for us yet :( but I know that day is coming soon. Still working on cleaning and DE-cluttering lots of nook and crannies and whole rooms! And today I am taking a break to go see Hunger Ga.mes with my youngest son! I am sure he will ask me can he drive since he passed the permit test but NO, is the answer. Since he did it online he has to go pick it up at the DMV.. Just because you TECHNICALLY have a permit son, doesn't mean the police will ACTUALLY let you off if you were stopped. Nice try though. LOL! That's all for now, enjoy your weekend everyone!


Saturday, April 14, 2012


Baby's heart rate was 132bpm today! Still too quiet to record, but give us a few weeks and I'm sure it will be loud enough on doppler for all to hear! I tell y'all, that doppler was THE BEST investment! That thing can ease my mind like nothing else.. I am a worrier by nature so I am constantly having to be talked "off the ledge".. It comes with the territory of being in this IVF game so long, if you have been in it a while, it's because of failed cycles or losses.. With that comes fear and doubt and I have both in spades.. I am doing better the farther we get in the pregnancy though. I think once we hit that coveted 12 weeks I will be doing much better.. I don't let my sister in law know how much I worry, because I don't want HER to be stressed out and worried. I don't even share it with hubs, because I am loving seeing his excitement and joy at all of these "firsts" and seeing all of this through his eyes.. This is what I have always dreamed about. It's enough to bring tears to my eyes every time I see him staring at the ultrasound picture or watching the video for the millionth time. He is SO IN LOVE with this baby already.. And that is what has my fear at it this moment. I don't want anything to happen because I can already see how attached and how much he is looking forward to this baby. I need things to continue on as they have been going. I NEED this to be the real thing for us. I don't know if his heart could take anything less. Sorry to be weird. I just needed to get all this stuff floating around in my head out on "paper".. I FEEL like things are going to be OK this time and that we have finally made it, but until that baby is in our arms, a part of me will always be on edge I think.. Only 32 more weeks to go (I think I can, I think I can!)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What Trumps Seeing your babys heartbeat

HEARING IT! My SIL "C" called me today and at first I had a tiny bit of panic, since we mainly text continuously... Whenever she has actually called it's because it's too long to text, something BIG (like first BFP!) so I answered quickly and she said: "So I can HEAR the heartbeat!" Cue me dancing around like a fool! She let me hear the bloodflow (MUCH slower than the heartbeat so you can tell the difference) and then you get the "wock wock wock" sound! She said in a few days it should be even louder where I can hear it clearly on speaker phone (CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT!!!) But even more importantly, I can't tell you guys how comforting it is to KNOW my baby is alive and thriving! Anyone who has gone through IVF, Surrogacy OR experienced a pregnancy loss, knows what I am talking about.. That fear of the unknown is a sonofabitch... Yes, we had a great ultrasound and saw the heartbeat, BUT what happened the next day? Later that day? Since no one has invented a painfree window into the good ole ute no one knows until the next ultrasound. BUT, thanks to the nifty invention of the doppler, you can know your baby's heart is beating any time you feel like it! And it was well worth the money to me for this small bit of peace of mind.. Now I can sigh a little bit of relief until the NT scan in a few weeks! I sure hope we get some great pictures from that! Once the sound is strong enough to record and send to me, I will put it here for the next debut! :-D

Later taters!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Just a little something for Good Friday

As you all know we had our amazing first ultrasound Wednesday! Well my wonderful brother in law was gracious enough to video it for us while the Dr. was explaining everything to them. I was in tears watching this video! I got to see my baby's heart beating!! Amazing stuff I tell ya. So I wanted to share it with all of you who have been on this journey with us thus far.. I hope it inspires those of you who are still on the journey towards your miracle and I hope it's a nice "flashback" for those of you that are on the next part of your journey! Have a GOOD FRIDAY everyone, we sure will! :-)

Our baby's heartbeat ultrasound 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ultrasound Chronicles: THE BIG DAY!!

Today was our big ultrasound! After all this waiting and wondering we finally got to see how many buns were baking in our wonderful sister in laws oven! Here is what we saw!!:

ONE BUN!! Baby is measuring 7wks and today we are 6wk5d! Heart rate is 110! Everyone was surprised, even our nurse!! Everybody assumed we were gonna be disappointed that it wasn't twins, but NOPE! We are THRILLED with this news!! We are more than likely looking at no NICU time and being able to plan our trip to TX much more effectively! I will take a singleton any day over NO BABY, so I will take this bit of time out of my scheduled worrying to celebrate, YAY!!!! THANK YOU GOD for this amazing blessing!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ultrasound Chronicles: 3 Days and Counting

Nothing much to post about just yet... THREE more days until we find out what's going on in SIL tummy!! Very excited about that.. I ordered my 2nd shipment of domperidone to induce lactation. So I am officially ready! Oh, we had breakfast for dinner because I needed to use the sausage I bought and the bacon that was already opened. I made pancakes to go with the meat. It was a hit, everyone enjoyed (they usually like whatever I cook though, LOL) I can't believe we are down to 72 hrs before the the ultrasound! I am hoping these last few days fly right on by! I am starting on my Spring cleaning to keep busy.. My room has been super swept, dusted, sprayed and decluttered. I love the new look of less. I figured I might as well make room for a bassinet (or two!) and I couldn't do that with all the extra crap I had taking up space. Maybe I will get some pics up of each room as I do them, but the before shots would have you all falling over! As you know I sell tons on e.bay and it has kinda taken over each room slowly but surely.. So that ends today! Room by room we are de-cluttering and figuring out what is trash, what is donate and what is keep... I am hoping the donate and trash piles continue to grow! Wish me luck, I see value in pretty much everything so it's hard to give it away when I know I can sell it, LOL! NO,I am NOT a hoarder, I LOVE throwing stuff away, just not stuff that is worth money, haha!

In SIL news, she was VERY nauseated yesterday, but today she was much better! She's been feeding her belly good and rubbing for me when I ask. So we're just chugging along!

So that's about it for this lovely Sunday... More to come in a few days!! :-D

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