Saturday, July 28, 2012


Today we are 23 weeks! Only 16 weeks (or less! but not too many less, lol!) until we get to meet our sweet boy! Christy says he moves consistently throughout the day, but notices it more during the night when she is still. I am just hoping he cuts us a break and sleeps some at night (pretty please!!) The mail lady brought a big box to me today and I was really surprised! Christy went through all of her baby stuff and sent me so much stuff! Lots of receiving blankets and burp cloths, jammies, onesies and even some crib sheets that she made! This girl is seriously talented on a sewing machine y'all! It was like having my birthday in July getting this box.. I am so grateful for all the goodies.. Today was also picture day so, of course it's one of my most favorite days of the week  because of that. OB appointment on Monday and then a repeat of the anatomy scan on Aug 8th. Looking forward to seeing my little man again in the pictures! I will leave y'all with the 23 week bump pic! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

22w5d: Lactation Nation Update

I figured I was overdo for a lactation post! I have been steadily pumping and freezing, except when i was sick those few weeks and on so much medication I couldn't keep my milk (BOO!) But things are pretty much back on track now! I am taking tons of supplements and drinking More Milk Tea and Red Raspberry leaf Tea around 2-3 cups of each per day. I am also back down to 80mg of Domperidone per day (the over 100mg dose was giving me bad headaches, I had to give that nonsense up!). 

My current supplement list is: Fenugreek- 9 capsules per day, Marshmallow Root- 6 capsules per day, Blessed Thistle- 9 capsules per day, Fennel Seed- 6 capsules per day, Gaia Lactate Support- 6 capsules per day, and of course the 80mg of Domperidone. As it stands right now I have over 400oz frozen!! I am really happy with that amount because I know I have some time to add to it and my supply is increasing a bit at a time. Right now I can pump 8oz-10oz in a day. That's not a huge amount, BUT it's wonderful for me right now. I am freezing in 2oz-4oz increments so I am prepared for whatever amount Greyson decides he wants to eat! 

I am definitely in a rhythm now with pumping. The ONLY thing I would change is I need to still try and drink more (if that's even possible!!!) and I would add a few more pumping times in, but I have 2 more kids here for the summer (my great nephews are still here!!) so my time isn't always my own when I need it to be. I am lucky to get 5-6 pumping sessions in per day.. My goal is to get up to 8-10 sessions so I am thinking by the end of August I should be able to manage that. My friend April is sending another batch of her breast milk to me so Greyson should be all set. I am definitely taking the advice and mixing the milks together so he isn't set on any one  breast milk. I think we will do bottle feeds a couple of times a day, but mainly try and breastfeed IF I can keep up with him, otherwise I will supplement more with the frozen breast milk, so we do have a plan in place.

In Greyson news, not anything new to report. He's doing amazing and we are still at monthly appointments (Next one is Monday!) I think we are moving to every 3 week appointments after this one, but don't quote me on that. The 2nd anatomy scan to double check his heart is on August 8th, which is TWO DAYS before our 25th week!! Crazy, but I am loving how this time is going by, viability is just around the corner! I have been praying for this day.. For some reason I feel like I can breathe fully once we hit viability.. Not long now!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

22w0d: Happy Birthday to Christy!

Today is Christy's birthday!!! Today is also 22 weeks for us, woohoo! I wanted to do a quick post so everyone could wish Christy the best birthday ever! Nothing to update in baby world, just chugging along!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

21w1d: Anatomy Scan and Bump Pic

Hey y'all! 21 weeks under our belt! Time is just really really flying by.. We had the anatomy scan Wednesday and Greyson looks perfect they said! They want Christy to come back in 4 weeks so they can double check Greyson's heart, since apparently their is an increased risk of heart defects in IVF babies (I did not know this). They said he is perfectly fine, they just want to check again so I will just look at it like we are getting more pictures of our little guy, as I tend to go off the deep end with worrying and they didn't give Christy any indication that we should be worrying about anything. As soon as Christy gets those mailed to me next week, i will post a new picture of Greyson.. Now that we have the nursery mostly completed, we are working on lists for the smaller things we either need or want for Greyson. I started a registry on Ama.zon and it has quickly turned in to like 60 things! I was kinda shocked at how much stuff we still need!! 

So as y'all know Christy does a bump picture for us weekly. I finally asked her if I could post and she said sure, so without further ado here is the Greyson bump in all it's glory:

21 weeks!

 Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend!

Friday, July 6, 2012

20w0d: Whoooah We're halfway therrre!

Yep, I have had "Livin On A Prayer" Playing through my head all day! I can't believe we are HALFWAY through this pregnancy! In just 4 short weeks, we are in viability land people! Things have been going so well and we are SO thankful and feel so blessed!! We pretty much finished the nursery (we had a blast putting it together!)We only need a few things to make his room complete and for us to be able to bring him home. By the time August gets here we will be totally finished and just waiting on him to arrive I bet! Here are a few shots of the nursery:
The other letter project I was working on for his room

We loved this quote!
This dude has TWO bathrobes! :)
This kitchen cabinet was on clearance so I re-purposed it!
Don't mind the shoes, I have my great-nephews for the summer!
  A place for me to sleep if he's being too fussy
Greyson has more clothes than me!

I hope y'all like it! We had so much fun coming up with what we wanted and getting it to fit just the way we wanted in our space.. Oh and after hearing what you guys said about the rockers, we decided to move the glider/ottoman combo into the nursery:
This glider is super comfy!

 and this is the set up we have in our room:
This is John's favorite piece of furniture, Bruizer's too!

I love this bassinet! The Moses basket comes out!
I am guessing this set up will be just fine for several months, until we are ready to move him to the other side of the house to the nursery... And just so you get an idea on how far the nursery is from our room this is the lay out of our house:

As you can see, not the closest set up right?! So yeah, we are definitely rooming in for several months, until we feel comfortable with him being in the nursery that is.. Christy has been feeling good, her morning sickness is pretty much gone now (YAY!) so hopefully she will enjoy these last few months of pregnancy. Christy has also been getting things handled on the birth and hospital side of things. She "pre" pre-registered with the hospital she will be delivering at and everyone has a copy of the pre-birth order that needs one. Also she gave me some invaluable tips on traveling with a newborn by car since I have never done that before (Thanks Christy!!) I am sure she is gonna have to tell me lots of this stuff again though, LOL! I am still fighting the yuck that has had me down for the past 8 days.. I am finally feeling a bit better, but it's still pretty brutal.. I am hoping by day 10 I am in the home stretch of feeling back to normal...

Well that's about it for now, I hope y'all had a great 4th and are enjoying your weekend!!

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