Friday, August 24, 2012

27wk0d: Gallstones, Maybe?

Rounding that corner to the third trimester at lightening speed. Today marks 27 weeks and we are in the home stretch now.. Christy had an OB appointment today and I got to talk to the OB and ask some questions and we got a lot of things worked out, so that was good. Greyson's heartrate was in the 140's and he is doing well. He is still measuring a week ahead (big boy!) and we haven't quite nailed down the induction date, the OB said we will know by the next visit, since he will have his new schedule by then.. Gives us a decent amount of time to be there! 

In other news, Christy has been having some serious stomach pain for the last few days and vomiting. She talked to the OB about it today and from her symptoms, he thinks she has gallstones (Her and I both looked it up too and we agree). He is sending her for her third trimester screening and a slew of other bloodwork and an ultrasound of her gallbladder and I believe her liver or kidneys (can't remember which one he said!) to make be sure. They don't want to do the surgery since she is pregnant, BUT if it can't be controlled with diet (apparently, that's the dang treatment! Cutting out fatty foods from your diet and eating high fiber) and the pain persists, then she would need to have surgery.. She wouldn't be able to have the easy surgery either, since she is in the third trimester she would have to have the serious incision surgery :(, not fun.. 

So make sure you say a few prayers for her that her pain subsides and she can hold off on surgery all together, that would be good. I feel so bad for her with the pain, I have had kidney stones before and I thought JESUS was coming to take me home I was in so much pain, OMG! So if it is anything like that.... yeah, makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. Such a big day for what seemed like was going to be a quick update, lol! I will get a belly pic uploaded when I can either later today or tomorrow..  As for us, we are just marking time and waiting to hear how Christy's bloodwork and sono go and then seeing how long Greyson decides to stay put! So stay tuned!

Friday, August 17, 2012


We are down to the DOUBLE DIGITS now!!! Time is still going by fast, but I wish it was moving faster! I am ready to hold my little boy! Nothing much going on as far as I know.. Third trimester is a couple of weeks away yahoo! We have the nursery finished now and the last of the big pieces we needed/wanted have come in. I don't know how many of y'all use SWAGBUCKS but if you don't you totally should! I was able to get our crib, both changing tables AND the pack n play for $69.00 of my own money!! The rest was FREE because I used Amaz.on gift cards that I got using swagbuc.ks! This definitely helped us out. Now I am saving up for amazon cards to get the things on my registry that I want. I use my Amaz.on registry like a wish list. I add cute little things I see so I don't forget, then I can get them when I have giftca.rd credit (yep, I am thrifty!) 

So anyway back to Mr. Babyman.. According to the bump website, he is the size of a head of lettuce or an eggplant and around 2lbs (wow!) he is practicing breathing already and his eyes are now opening (aww!) If he has hair (I hope so!) it is getting thicker.. I spend so much time daydreaming about what he is going to look like and who he is going to look like! Light hair/dark hair a teeny tiny guy or a chubber, will he have his Dad's eyes (I already can see he has his nose from the ultrasound pics!) or mine (I am hoping his Dad's!) so yeah, I am pretty much useless lately, haha! My super sweet friend Rebekah is driving down from Atlant.a in 3 weeks and hosting a baby shower for me! So we are gearing up for that and I am actually excited! It's taken a bit for me to get to the point of excitement. At first I was kinda of cringing.. I don't like things to be focused on me and I am still not sure how I will feel the day of. I have never been to a shower where the mom-to-be was not visibly pregnant so I am dealing with those feelings and trying to come to terms with that. I know the celebration is NOT about me, it's about Greyson so I am trying to focus on that! The cool part of it is the shower is also doubling as a get together for the FL surrogates and IP's so I am going to get to meet a bunch of the girls that I have interacted with on SMO for so long in person finally!! I know we will have lots of pictures to show y'all! Well that's about it for now, school starts Monday for my last boy I have in school, SENIOR YEAR!! Then I get a FIVE year break before I have to worry about school clothes again, LOL! 

OK, I gotta get back to cleaning up this place! I've been on a throwing away stuff bender as of late. Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

24w6d: Anatomy Scan Part 2

Just wanted to update and say that the second anatomy scan for Greyson's heart went really well! It was done yesterday and the Dr. said he looks perfect (YAY!) so now we just continue baking him. Christy's next OB appointment is Aug. 24th and after that the appointments are every 2 weeks, woohoo that means we are getting closer! I believe that starts the THIRD TRIMESTER, EEEEK!!! :):):) OK, have to go finish getting all of my youngest (soon to be middle child!) stuff ready for his senior year! School starts in 11 days, wowza!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My First Baby

I cannot believe my first baby is 19 today (well yesterday, it took forever for me to get this post up, ugh!).. He is such a young man too! No longer "my little buddy" my partner in crime. The little dude that used to dance when the Ricki Lake Show theme music came on (yep, I used to watch that!) Now he has a mustache and a dang beard, OMG!!! *tears* He is such a kind, well-mannered, sensitive guy.. He has decided he is definitely going in the military and has started studying for the asvab... I am so proud of him for making strides towards a future for himself AND for deciding he wants to defend our country. My little boy is not so little it seems.. Didn't do much today, just went to dinner and had a friend over and hung out, oh and ate cupcakes! Just what he wanted to do. He was always easy to please and still is.. I hope he stays this sweet and yes, a little naive as he continues on his journey to manhood. I am already missing him and he hasn't even left yet.. WAAAAH! :'(

THEN... (3mos old!)

AND NOW (Senior Picture Session)

*Sniffle, Sniffle!!!*

Monday, August 6, 2012

My Boys Are Almost Grown!

Last Thursday my baby turned 17!!! I can't believe how much he has grown up and how fast! Seems like yesterday he was born and I was wondering how in the world I was going to look after a 2 yo AND a newborn! Now he is a senior and already talking about what he is going to do in the Air Force and how he wants to make sure he has a good future for his own family. It makes me SO proud and sad at the same time! The "hang with mom time" is rare nowadays.. We watch a show together on Mondays, so I get an hr a week pretty much... Seeing him today at the high school interacting with his friends was bittersweet. I can see the confident young man he is growing to be.. I can't even think about when he leaves for the Air Force next year. Many tears will be shed for a long time.. He gets on my nerves, but man do I love that kid!

                       ↑↑↑↑ 17 yo & ↑↑↑↑ 19yo tomorrow

To add insult to injury, my oldest will be 19 TOMORROW!!! (YIKES!!!) I will be doing a post about that tomorrow... Been a nostalgic few days for me y'all! 

Saturday, August 4, 2012


YEA!!! We finally made it to 24 weeks! I am THRILLED to be this far along. Somewhere in my crazy mind, THIS was the week to make it to.. Even though I KNOW babies born this early, would still struggle I knew that once we made it here he WOULD have a chance.. And really, that's all we ever want right? Is a chance? I feel like with each week that passes, I am relaxing more and trying to find the "new me" in all of this.. For so long, IVF and gearing up for IVF or wishing we would do another cycle were my life and now I am wondering how do I fit in with all of that? So much going on in my brain these days..

Another big thing is how much time are we going to spend in TX? From what it looks like, not much. Not that we planned on being there for a super long time anyway, but with all the changes going on at hubby's job, it's cutting in to the amount of time he will have available to be gone from work period. We want him to be able to be home to bond and just enjoy Greyson before he has to return to work, but we don't want to have to leave right after Greyson is born either, ya know? UGH... So still trying to come up with a good plan for that.. Mainly it's going to depend on when he is born I would imagine....

Not all is ho hum though! the wonderful  Rebekah is hosting a baby shower for me!! I am so honored that she is coming down from GA and hanging out with me! Not only that but we are making it a baby shower/get together for any surrogates (and intended parents!) in FL that want to meet up! I am so excited for the chance to meet others that have traveled down this same road, I am counting the days until Sept. 8th!! I like the idea of the shower/get together, because I feel like the pressure is off of me and no one is expecting a pregnant belly since they know my situation. I'm actually really looking forward to it!

See told you not all ho hum! My little great-nephews are still with me (Help me Lord!!) that 2yo is a handful I tell ya! He keeps me on my toes all day.. I have them for a little while longer (about 2.5 more weeks) and then they are heading back home to VA.. I sure am going to miss them when they are gone (but I am going to get some much needed rest too!,LOL!) So as you can see lots has been going on over here! Up next: recheck of Greyson's heart (another anatomy scan) on Aug 8th and next OB appt is Aug 24th (glucose test is that day too) until next time!

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