Sunday, September 9, 2012

29w1d: Baby Shower & Baby Bump

Today was my first baby shower! I HAD A WONDERFUL TIME!!!! I don't know why I was so worried! It was awesome. Everyone had a great time and Greyson got so many things! Everyone laughed and talked like we had known each other for years, it was really a great time! Rebekah got here Friday early evening and we got in party mode right away, doing prep for today. Everything was smooth sailing today too, she did an amazing job hosting! I think we need a storage room for all of Greyson's things, this kid is set! Here are a few shots from today:

Diaper Cake, my Dad thought it was real cake, HAHA!

Welcome Greyson

Sitting: Rebekah, Me, Amanda, Sarah, Kneeling: Tullina, Katie

Gifts for Greyson!

John and I with Greyson's treasure's!

Speaking of Mr. Greyson he seems to be growing bigger here towards the end and making his presence known! Christy is still doing well with her gallstones too! Here is the latest pic for 29 weeks (yesterday) We will be heading to TX before you know it to pick up little man!

As if the partying for the baby shower wasn't enough, a group of friends that couldn't make it due to a birthday dinner obligation decided to throw us a shower as well and that is in two weeks! So more partying is gonna be coming our way! I am gonna need a vacation to recover from all this partying! After the shower today, we made a quick stop to see the group that couldn't make it for a quick surprise party for the birthday girl! She was surprised and really shocked to see us there, it was so cute, we all yelled "SURPRISE!!!" and she said, "Oh my God! Even Tonya is here!!!" LOL!! Everyone laughed! I found out an important lesson today too, kids.. DON'T GO 19 hrs without pumping!!! By the time I sat down to pump today, my bra was wet and I was about to cry from engorgement.. NOT COOL.. I was having too much fun to worry about little things like pumping (insert the D'oh! and forehead slap here) Yeah so I got that sorted out and now I am feeling much better... Can y'all believe we only have TEN WEEKS until we meet Greyson?!?!?! EEEEEE!!!! I am still in disbelief! I still feel like I have a ton to do to get ready for him!! I know it will all get done though so I am not overly worried... Anywho, we will have a couple weeks to settle down before we are back on the roller-coaster again! So as of now we are on Greyson Countdown...


  1. How fun!!! So, glad you had a mini SMO baby shower. Very cool~!

  2. Very cool! Ten weeks left - WOW!

  3. Awww! Cute! Time is lying. You will blink and he'll be here! :)

  4. So glad you had fun at the party. Rebekah looks awesome. You and hubby look so happy. But I have to say my favorite picture was that yummy looking cake. (The real one, not the diaper one!)

    1. OMG, Michael it was SO good! Yellow cake with CREAM CHEESE icing! nommmmmm!!! Ridiculously yummy! We were so happy, it was such a bright spot in this long journey!

  5. Congrats...looks like a great time!!0


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