Saturday, September 15, 2012


Well, this week was very uneventful! Christy had her OB appt. and everything was great. OB said no diabetes (YAY!) and no anemia (double YAY!). Greyson's growth has also slowed down and he is no longer measuring a week ahead, he is measuring right on track now, so we are curious to see just how big he is going to be! My guess is around 7.5lbs... We still don't have the induction date, OB didn't have the schedule yet and said he should have it at her next visit in two weeks. Frustrating to not have the info so we can start planning John's days off with his job and getting things in order here with the kids as far as Thanksgiving goes, especially since we don't have much time to work with in the first place (We are driving there and back) No matter, all of that will be small potatoes once Greyson is here! Not a lot of anything else going on, just marking time until we head to Texas! Down to the SINGLE DIGITS for weeks people!!! :-D :-D


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    1. I know, eeeeek!!! Can you believe it!?! Our little ones are arriving in no time!!!

  2. Wow!!! Moving right along. I cannot believe your miracle baby is almost here. BTW, love his name... I have a Greyson (nephew) coming in January =)


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