Monday, December 31, 2012


Going to be a lazy NYE at our house tonight.. Hubs is still at work and Greyson and I are just chilling out (he's currently in the game room with his big brothers, probably helping them kill some sort of zombie or something,lol!) I have no desire to ring in the New Year out. Being in with my little family is everything that I could have wished for and more...Also wanted to quickly say, Greyson is doing AMAZING! He is holding his head up sooo good! Also he is cooing, which is incredibly adorable and he is smiling that big gummy smile, which just melts my heart! Definitely counteracts those terrible cries in the middle of the night, HA! We are still discussing "Project Sibling" round these parts.. Christy is on board of course, but we are still trying to go over everything budget wise to make sure it is feasible without causing too much stress to our wallets! I will do a post about that some time really soon.. Nothing much to report otherwise, things are just moving right along.. I will leave you with some adorable pictures of Greyson!

Trying to decide if he wants to smile..

Yep, I wanna smile!

Mommy's Funny!

Wishing all of you a VERY BLESSED NEW YEAR!


  1. Love it! And what a handsome guy! So proud that he's holding his head up already! Fiona is trying, but not quite there yet. She's making lots of cute noises too, but eye contact is still not her strong suit. She does it sometimes and smiles...but not alot. We're definitely waiting for that to increase.

    Oh, and Happy New Year lady. Thanks for being such an awesome friend this year. You inspire me with all your positive energy!

  2. Great update - what a cutie pie!!!

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    I just read through your blog and I just had chills. seeing the beautiful pics of your boy after reading through your journey just really warmed my heart.

    Happy New Year to you and your adorable family


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