Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We Had A Good 15 Year Run

But now our time has come to an end... No, not my blog.. Me and my microwave! Yes, you read that right.. I have had my microwave for 15 years! I have used it almost everyday of those 15 years too. I have had it longer than I have been with hubs.. In one of our many moves, I lost a little leg wheel, so it has a little lean (hey, it gives it character!) and as of late to door now sticks when you try to open it.. (charge to 250..CLEAR!) I knew it was time to let it go when the door was getting stuck more often.. (charge to 300! CLEAR!!!) On a whim I went to Lo.we's to see what my options were.. I am a cheapskate y'all and it's hard to get me to part with my money! BUT... Lo.we's had one that matches my appliances on SALE!! And we all know I love a good sale.. Annnd, it was the over-the-range mount, eeeek!! I have been wanting one of those since we bought our house! But since nothing (major) was wrong with my old one, I waited.. So... I got one today! I was so sad to wipe old faithful down and take it off my counter.. We had a good run you and I...

Old Microwave.. 15 year run.. R.I.P. old friend!

New Microwave.. I love it!

So that's the story of my microwave... Don't go away sad.. Enjoy these to cheer you up!

Too small for my walker still, but I love the toys!

Yes, my sandals ARE camo style!
My outfit says it all.. Truckload of CUTE!
Yes... Yes she did make me wear this on Valentines Day.. Slap her, I'll wait....


  1. Awww...we also have a microwave like that. Ours is "leaking". In other words, if there is a sheet of paper in front of it when its on, it blows it away. We are moving next week and our kitchen has an over the range microwave. But I refuse to part with mine. I will keep it until it dies! Perhaps use it in the basement once we have it finished. SOMETHING...ANYTHING :-).
    Your boy is just so cute!!! Love the Valentine's day pic and comment. Had me LOL!

    1. I know!!! I put mine in the garage!! Ours was "leaking" too... Maybe one of the older boys will take it when they move out, lol! I had been wanting the over the range one though, so I am really happy I got one for a good deal and it matches my other appliances, woohoo!

  2. 15 years...that a long time for a microwave...hope your vday was awesome...look at handsome boy!

    1. Girrrl, I remember like yesterday when I got that thing, LOL!! I showed the kids the sticker on the back that said Manufactured Jan 1998, they were like WOW Mom, that's sad... HAHAHA! I told them to "HUSH" that microwave got us through some hard times!

  3. LOL. My last microwave was like that as well. It was a huge beast instead of these tiny little things they make now. Alas, due to her age, and the possibility of leaking radiation into everything, we opted to keep my husband's instead of mine.
    Which doesn't fit nearly as much food, but has a weird additional metal thing in it that is supposed to make it to extra special stuff, but neither of us knows what.

  4. I am laughing at your captions on the beautiful pics of your son. He looks like such a happy baby.

    Yeah, it's about time you got rid of that microwave, 15 years is definitely long enough. You got your money's worth

  5. Haha, girl you are a mess! I love it! Glad you got a new microwave AND it was on sale!! BAM!
    Your little man is soooooo cute too!! I just wanna kiss his cheeks :)


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