Monday, March 18, 2013

4 Month Dr Visit

Greyson had his visit a few hrs ago and it went as well as can be expected, given he had to get shots! Poor little lamb.. He was a bit fussy waiting on the Dr. (they were running late, a first for us with them!) and once he got evaluated and we talked about our concerns (We suspect he has allergies, since we both suffer from them pretty badly) she said the nurse would be in for his shots. While we waited he played with Daddy and was so happy! I felt bad since I knew what was coming!! :( Luckily she did them pretty quickly and we got to snuggle him right after and he mostly calmed down.. The good thing is it was already his nap time so he went right to sleep as soon as he was buckled in the car. So his official stats are:

Age: 4 months 6 days
Weight: 16lbs 5oz
Height: 24 3/4"

And this is from today while we were waiting...

Waiting to see the Dr. I'm sleepy leave me alone Daddy!

Playing with Daddy waiting on my shots, What are shots anyway?
OH... That's what shots are.. SON OF A #$(%(@!

Next visit is 6 month visit, this kid needs to stop getting older, I can't take it he will be walking before I know it, ack!!!



  1. That video was too cute! :D Sorry the shots weren't so exciting though - poor guy. Bet he slept good later!! Hugs mama!

  2. He's over 16 pounds already? He is getting so big. And kids are walking now. They do grow up fast.

  3. YAY for a healthy baby. I just love that last pic and all the rolls on his leg :)


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