Saturday, June 1, 2013

Class of 2013

Today my middle son graduated from High School! It was such a great day! Even with the rain and wind at times, that couldn't put a damper on our festivities! I have been like a mad woman all week trying to get prepared for today, with cooking, cleaning and family coming to town. The day went wonderfully! My "baby" walked across that stage and achieved his goal. So proud of him! After the commencement, we came home and I cooked all the food I had been marinating and prepping! Two grills going and the oven and lots of sides to the point of storing food at my friends house, but it all came together! We ate and laughed and had a blast today!! 

I now have no children in school for another 5.5 yrs and I don't have to think about a graduation for 13 years, LOL!! Today was also a little sad because my son is leaving us in 2 short months.. He enlisted in the U.S. Army and will be leaving in August. I am SO proud of him, but worried too.. I am already dreading the goodbyes for that, I don't think they make enough tissues! But I will think about that another day.. Here are a few pics from today!



  1. High school graduation and then off to the Army? Yeah, not enough tissues! Though that is the good thing about spacing out your kids, as you still have all the fun stuff to go through again!

    1. Definitely not enough, lol! I kinda was hoping they were a tad bit closer together, but the fates had other ideas I guess! I still can't believe it took TEN years for us to have our dream of a child together come true!

  2. Wow, congrats mama. Must be surreal to see your son graduate from HS.


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