Wednesday, November 6, 2013

FET 2013 A Sibling Journey

Our frozen embryo transfer was this morning! I was SO worried about my embryos surviving the thaw, but I need not have worried. The clinic thawed one straw that had our 5BB and 4BB embryo in it and they thawed beautifully! The RE said they were approximately 80% re-expanded and they performed assisted hatching on them both to aid them in breaking out of the zona. The RE explained that they were very good due to the fact that the zona was already very thin and the embryo was intact after thawing.

We got to the clinic a little bit early and we were able to bring Greyson inside to see everyone again which was really nice. I made sure to be extra sensitive regarding bringing him so had hubby wait downstairs until me and Christy could check it out and see how many patients were inside. We got there at a good time and there were no patients in the waiting room so we could sneak on in. We let him see the embryologists and nurses and even the two REs that helped in getting him here! 

We got situated in the patient room and waited for the Dr. We got our picture of our embryos and waited for our RE. The transfer was super quick and then the customary 30 minute wait. We joked around during the transfer and after while we waited for the time to be up. Afterwards we went to lunch and were able to meet up with Krystal It's ALWAYS awesome to talk to her, but even more amazing to meet up with her again! We always laugh and have a great time, I just wish it was longer, BUT I will take what I can get!

Now we are relaxing in the hotel and have Christy resting and waiting on her hand and foot. We will be POAS in a few days and beta is in 9 days! SO stay tuned, we will be posting pics of course!

Now what you all really wanna see,

The embryo pictures!

Next up? POAS Chronicles! Please send some sticky vibes and baby dust our way!

Until next time!


  1. Sticky vibes and baby dust- SENT! :)

  2. YAAAYYY! It was great to see you guys again too!! Greyson is so friggin cute! I wanted to take him with me!!! I wish I could have stayed longer too...didn't wanna go back to work :(
    Can't wait for the POAS results!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. Here we go again, yay!!!! My very best wishes for a successful transfer!! And how cool is it that you brought Greyson to the RE's office for a visit. Very neat.

  4. Oh how exciting. Lots of baby dust and sticky vibes your way. I hope and pray everything goes well. Looking forward to an announcement :).


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