Friday, April 4, 2014

13w4d: Facebook Official

We pulled the "trigger" today and went "Facebook Official" it's always scary for me! I decided to make a cute video of our journey this time for our announcement. If you wanna see it go to our Facebook Announcement 
and check it out! Here are some pictures from our photo shoot that my amazing photographer friend Karmen over at KvanD Photography
did for us! (She does all our pictures, she is AMAZING!) So here is the shoot (we did this before we knew we lost Baby B. I am SO GLAD I will always have these to remember this happy day)

This is AFTER we found out about baby B. This is in our official Announcement

In other news, hubby is hard at work converting our back porch/sunroom/FL room in to a PLAYROOM for Greyson and his little brother or sister! We talked about it and he thought it was going to be too expensive and definitely not in our budget, with this surrogacy journey in full speed ahead mode. Well after our loss of baby B, he re-evaluated and decided we would make it work. He's doing it himself with the help of a couple good friends who are throwing in some labor (an electrician and a contractor!) in exchange for him helping them on future projects. So this room is costing us MUCH LESS than we anticipated! Here is what it looked like before:

And this is what it looks like NOW!:

This is only Phase I but it's coming along amazingly!!! Still have to do moisture barrier and stucco on the outside then insulation and drywall on the inside before I am set loose on paint, then finally carpeting! Should be a few more weeks until it's completed, maybe a month to 6 weeks. I will definitely show you guys the finished product!

In other OTHER news, 14 more days until gender sonogram!!


  1. Your husband is doing a great job on renovation! Can't wait to hear how the gender u/s goes!!

    1. T, thanks so much! OMG, it is really looking so nice! We are under $2,000 still which is crazy AND I bought the paint today for the room and made the appt for the carpet! That's gonna put us over $2K but it's gonna be awesome for the kids to play and down the road for us to have an entertainment room! I'm sooo excited!

  2. Such beautiful pics. You have a beautiful family for sure. I love all the pics you did for the announcement with the twins. The look on your face in one of them is priceless. I am so sorry about baby B, it has to be one of those bittersweet things where you are excited for baby A but so sad that baby B is gone.

    I am so excited for your gender reveal, I am sending you all girly vibes possible :). I know you will be happy either way but man, after 3 boys it would be the icing on the cake :).

  3. I love these pics! You all are so cute :)

  4. Wait four feet so that means twins?!? Wowza... So exciting!!! Congrats. The last picture is priceless!!

    1. Mrs. Pancakes we were expecting twins, but sadly we lost Baby B. We found out at our 12wk appointment. :(


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