Sunday, April 20, 2014

15w5d: Playroom Reveal And Baby #2 Prep Time

So now that we have basically finished the playroom, it's time to focus on baby #2's nursery!!  But BEFORE I skip ahead to that, let me give you guys the big reveal!!! My husband is nothing short of amazing! In FIFTEEN DAYS he took our back porch from this:

Backporch Pre Renovation
(Let me say there is NOTHING wrong with the porch in the before, except we NEVER used it and felt it would be MUCH BETTER suited as a playroom for Greyson and his little brother or little sister.) 


Wall Unit #1

Wall Unit #2

The cushions repurposed couch cushions from IKEA! The 3yds of material will be turned in to covers


Next up is getting the nursery in order, once we find out the gender on Tuesday (PLEASE cooperate "PEBBLES"!!!) I have clothes for BOTH genders (TONS of boy stuff obviously!) but definitely not enough if it's a girl. But once we know then I can take out the opposite sex items and focus on the correct items. I have an idea of what I want to do decor wise but again, I need the gender to make a final decision. It's still going to be gender neutral like we did with  Greyson, BUT since we opted to keep the Pooh theme, I am going to personalize it more, so I really need to know!

Today was also BUMP PIC day! Head on over and check out our progress!

So that's about it for now. Will update Tuesday when I know the gender results (IF baby cooperates!!!) 

Until then... Mwah!!!


  1. Very nice playroom! The kids will love it.

  2. Looks great...turned out good. :O)

  3. Great job with the playroom. I love that wall unit and the colorful baskets, share the deets please, that is exactly what I am looking for


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