Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Playroom Details and Cost (Approx)

So I have had a few people ask me the details of the playroom, so I will lay them out in a post! The quote to have a the room built for us was approx $8,000-$12,000. UMMM....YEAH...NO. There was NO WAY that was happening. Hubby is quite handy so he was confident he could do most if not all of the work himself (with some help from me and a few friends!) First thing that he did was measure out the room and calculate how far apart the wooden studs needed to be that would be added to the metal frame. The studs were needed to support the OSB (OSP?) wood that was used on the outside AND to support the drywall that was installed inside.


 After The OSP was put up, the wood needed to be covered with vapor barrier/moisture barrier (similar to what is put on a roof before tar and shingles, to keep water out) This was donated to us so the black paper cost $0... (OSP, Studs, Drywall and Hardie Board + screws, etc= $1,000)

The insulation was donated to us so it was also $0.... We installed the drywall ourselves.

 Electrical was ran by a friends husband. He did the wiring from the breaker box to the wall and ran the wire through the attic for us. My hubby did the actual hook up of all outlets and installed outlets and lights on wall.

 Outside  finished and just needs to be painted along with the entire exterior of our house.

 Wall paint semi gloss (wipe friendly!) 2 gallons $65.00
 Special order carpet with more expensive odor eater under-padding $625

 wall unit by Ikea $99/ea cloth bins $5.99/ea

 Ikea bench seating $39.99/ea Storage bins- Ikea $19.99/ea pillows from Ikea's "AS IS" section. they are couch backs that I re-purposed as cushions since it's more comfortable $49.99/ea. Cloth (canvas indoor/outdoor material) Jo-Ann's fabric 3yds $30
 Ikea kids table $49.99 coordinating chairs $12.99/ea

After building supplies, carpet and decor we spent $3804.96, the build took 15 days from start to finish. Four 3/4 day weekends (hubby is sometimes off 4days in a row or 3 days)

if you would like to know the EXACT prices for the major things that i didn't list you can find it on my pinterest page



  1. He did an amazing job! You were definitely blessed with a handy husband :)

    1. Thanks so much T! We are really enjoying the room and so is Greyson!! We spend a good part of our day out there!

  2. wow...hubby did a great job!! love that your hubby is handy!!


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