Monday, June 9, 2014


Nothing much to report from our weekend, just popping in to say we are 23wks today!!! Next week is "viability" and a huge milestone in pregnancies! Just knowing that each day Caiden is closer to the point where if he was born they would try to save him is a comfort. I KNOW 24wks is super early, but at that point he is a PERSON. He matters. His life would be "worth saving" to the hospital. THAT my friends, is huge.. So one more week to go and from then on each week is just icing on the cake! In honor of week 23 I am posting the bump pic here as well!

From Saturday our bump pic day
 Also the nursery is almost complete! I will be doing a post on that really soon..

AND, to any of you that did share or donate or even pray or send well wishes to my friend, I THANK YOU!!!! The goal was not only met it was exceeded!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014


I wish this was a happy post... I need y'alls help. It's not for me.. BUT DO THIS FOR ME IF YOU CAN.. A sweet friend of mine that I have had the privilege to get to know through the surrogacy community is going through what NONE OF US as parents ever want to go through! Deborah is an amazingly strong and wonderful mother to QUADRUPLETS. Identical triplet boys and a sweet little girl. Her boys are severely autistic. She is trying to build a fence around her property to keep them safe, as the boys tends to escape the house. Yesterday her sweet Jeremiah escaped for the last time. He drowned. Her babies are 7yo. PLEASE donate, share this page, do SOMETHING to help get this fence built to keep her other 3 kids safe in their home. I wish this fence was built by now, her sweet Jeremiah might still be here if so. Let's help prevent her from living through another tragedy!! THANK YOU FAMILY AND FRIENDS... Hug your babies a little tighter today and pray for my friend...

Check it out