Wednesday, July 30, 2014



I am so sorry, I know, I know I just disappeared! Things have been SO crazy lately! We had a few scares with the pregnancy or so we thought. Turns out the main one was a misunderstanding with the tech that was brought in to do the anatomy scan. She indicated there was a dead or dying spot in Caiden's placenta and that she needed to inform the dr. We stressed and worried over that for a MONTH! Turns out it was from baby  B causing the dark spots (I was NOT happy that we worried for a month from her mistake!) Also they informed us that Christy has partial placenta previa. They are checking that again next visit and hopefully it has moved up so she doesn't have to have a c-section.

Here are some pictures of Caiden from the 29wk visit:

So as for the crazy busy... WE....HAVE...MOVED!

Yup, you read that right! DH wasn't happy with how things were going at his job so we sent out his resume and he had TWO job offers within 3 days. After talking to both places and even going to visit one place (we took a short trip to check it out) he accepted the offer in VERMONT! He turned in his notice at work on July 3rd and he had to start his new job July 24th! So we had THREE WEEKS, to pack, get our house on the market and load the truck and get us here and get unloaded so we could turn the truck in BEFORE he started at his new job. OMG y'all is all I can say. WHAT AN ORDEAL! During the loading of the truck we realized we had WAY MORE stuff than was going to fit into the moving truck, so we had to get a hitch AND a trailer to pull on the back of my van. Even after loading the trailer we still ended up curbing stuff and giving stuff away! We need to seriously downsize, smh..

So, we made the drive up and so far we LOVE IT HERE! The views are gorgeous and the town is beautiful. We feel like we are on vacation except we live here!!

Here are a few pictures from around town and of our rental:

Our rental in the Spring

View from our front porch

Greyson LOVES playing in the yard!

Green Mountain State!

View from our porch

A few shots of Christy from the last couple of weeks since I've been so silent (so sorry guys!)

Before transfer and 30w1d

 OK so we should be all caught up now! Before I go a few of Greyson!

YES, he's asleep with his sock in his mouth! (weirdo!)

Check it out