Friday, August 28, 2015


This post is surreal to write.. Today my little baby boy is ONE YEAR OLD. Looking back at his birth and how terrified we were and our mad dash 37 hours straight to get to him after hearing it was an emergency c-section. Then getting updates that he was in the NICU. We couldn't drive fast enough to get to him! When we finally got there we just wanted to see him for ourselves so we could know he was "OK"... We had no idea of the long road that was ahead of us of almost a month in the NICU.. I am SO grateful to the staff at the hospital for their care of our boy and how wonderful they were to our family..

Surrogacy has been probably the hardest thing I have had to go through in my life, but I am very glad it was an option we could undertake and afford (mostly)... I know without our SIL, Christy our boys wouldn't be here..

I have so many emotions leading up to this day.... Thinking about Caiden's twin and what could have been.. Wondering if I lost another son or was that my daughter. Not knowing what happened to Caiden's twin, if it was abnormalities with him/her or just a "fluke"... The unknown is what hurts the most.. I KNOW twins would have been hard, but I think we could have managed it.. I wish my other baby had made it.. BUT then I look back at the pregnancy with Caiden and how complicated it was from about 20 weeks on with the placenta previa and wonder would we have lost them both??? 

I know I need to focus on what we DO HAVE and that is a HEALTHY HAPPY LITTLE BOY... Yep a little boy, he's ONE so he's a toddler now...

Here are a few pics of where we have come from and where we are...  Our 1 year appointment is next week so I will have stat updates then... His party is Saturday so I will post pics from that as soon as I can...

Until then here is our birthday boy!!



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