Monday, December 10, 2001

Searching for the answer.....

I guess I will start at the beginning of my journey. I met the most wonderful man of my life, my soul-mate and the idea of children crept into my mind. Mind you this was in 2001 and we were still dating, but I knew he was the one! Anyway, after dating and talking, it came up of course that I had a hysterectomy, back in '98. Well, being that my now hubby was only 23 he really hadn't thought about kids, but he thought he may want some in the future. Well I brought up the idea of surrogacy, since I still had ovaries and had no problem conceiving prior to my surgery. I have been married before and even though he SUCKED I do have two wonderful kids from that marriage. Now back to my now hubby.... Well he didn't have any idea what surrogacy was, but he got the jist that we could have children together later, so we moved on in our relationship. We got engaged in October of 2001, even though he asked me back in December of the follwing year (with a promise ring). Weddings planned started in full force, as he wanted to do it as soon as possible! We set the wedding for February and hustled with the planning and preparation. All the while we discussed the idea of another baby. Well with the debt piling up by the second, we thought maybe we better apply for the credit now and get the ball rolling in that direction too. Around January of 02 we were approved for a loan to do an IVF cycle, and were thrilled! We continued searching for a surrogate online, as an agency was not feasible with the expenses. After pouring over ad after ad, I found what I thought was the perfect surrogate! She had been a surrogate previously (or so I thought) and seemed too good to be true! We talked over a few weeks and agreed to work together. I continued my search just to find information on surrogacy in general, as I like to be informed about everything (controlling nature). I happened upon the FFF website and started reading the ads posted there. I came across an ad from a couple who was looking for an egg donor. I hadn't really given the idea much thought, but at the time, I started thinking, my future husband and I would only want to have one more child possibly two, and I knew that they (Doctors) would cause me to produce more than one egg, so why not donate them to someone in need?

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