Sunday, May 21, 2017

Finding a Balance

Like I said in January, I am trying to dedicate time to my business but still focus on the family and find that balance.. I THINK I have a good rhythm right now... I started participating in auctions on with about 10-15 other resellers and that went well the first time so I did it again (it's currently going on actually!) and that motivated me to take a few hours here and there for ME and focus on my resale page on called Little Tyke's Closet so far it's been going really well. It's still hard to work around the kids when they are wanting my undivided attention, so I tend to work after they are in bed and stay up way too late, but I guess that is better than taking time away from them... I do steal an hour or so here and there when they are with big brother or Daddy or playing nice, so I think overall I have a handle on it. I even managed to start a BLOG for my resale page! 

Nothing new really with the boys. Well Caiden was evaluated for braces for his foot and ankle to help with his gait issue. We go get those this week... And I have  meeting with school to put a plan in place for his classroom structure and one for Greyson as well... Both boys are set for 4hrs per day but I am going to do a modified day for Caiden and build him up to 4hrs as he permits. He does NOT like other kids, new places, noise, lights and pretty much anything that he isn't controlling so this will be interesting... Caiden also will start something called ABA therapy (Applied Behavioral Analysis) which is basically a more intensive therapy at home to help with teaching him safety and basic things he needs to learn to not put himself in danger and he REALLY needs that because he is a sensory seeker and loves to do "thrill" stuff so as you can imagine he falls and gets bumps and bruises constantly... We have to still baby gate areas so he doesn't spin himself down the stairs or worse... We are really excited about starting this new therapy at home, but since it will be 4hrs I am a little worried how this will affect me being able to work on my resale business.. I guess I will just cross that bridge when it comes in like two weeks LOL!

School is almost out this year so that means lots of visits from cousins all summer. Greyson is going to be one happy little boy that's for sure!

So other than that, we are basically just status quo over here... If you get a chance please check out my page and leave me a message so I know you stopped by.... 

Til next time!


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Checking in

I have thought about blogging again but I have SO MUCH going on and when I think of what to say something else needs my attention and then I forget to blog... SO MUCH has happened. We moved 2 more times since moving to Vermont. Our last move was our final one. We bought a house in December 2015. So we've been in it just over a year. Before we moved we noticed some things were going on with Caiden so we had an evaluation done. He has been going to speech therapy and also saw a physical therapist. Caiden has had speech therapy since November 2015. Summer of 2016 he was referred to a neurologist due to concerns from us and his pediatrician of autism. He saw a developmental pediatrician and was formally diagnosed with moderate to severe autism May 30 2016. He has some other things going on with his gait and muscle tone. He has several therapists working with him and he has made gains since his therapies have started. He is such a strong little boy. He is so funny and loves doing puzzles and is wicked smart!! We have a long road ahead of us but we are facing it head on with our guy. He turned TWO August 28th and had a blast at his mickey mouse birthday party! Oh and since Caiden has a summer birthday... HE STARTS SCHOOL THIS FALL!!!!! I don't know how I am gonna handle that one!

Greyson has had his own set of health problems.. He had a bilateral tonsilectomy and adenoidectomy done November 15 2016, just 3 days after his 4th birthday!!! He had an awesome sonic the hedgehog party at a localish play place. Kind of like chuck e cheese on steroids, LOL! That was a brutal 14 day recovery. Greyson started Pre-K in September. It was an adjustment for both of us! He is thriving though and he also had an evaluation so he receives services through the school.. So needless to say both boys keep me super busy!

On top of that my Mom had a heart attack November 2015 and had open heart surgery. 11 months later in October of last year she had another heart attack. I told her she was moving in with me or my sister to pick which one. She decided to come here since it's close to NJ (3hr drive) and she can visit her friends and her church family. Sooo yeah, not busy at all LOL!!

As for me I have been working on my online kids resale in spurts. I have had to start and stop due to things out of my control and focus on family making sure everyone has what they need. This year I plan to focus on my business and see what comes of it! I changed the name since we have another little guy now. We are now called Little Tyke's Closet. I have invested a good amount of money in inventory and I am excited to see where this goes. hopefully it fulfills my desire to work and also allows me to have time to be with my little guys and a part of their therapies and school activities...

So a shameless plug for my "work baby"  Little Tyke's Closet Facebook Page
Little Tyke's Closet Instagram Page and Ebay Store

Goal is to run my own website if my items are popular enough. I have Gymboree, Baby Gap/Gap, Crazy8, The Children's Place, Hanna Andersson, Mini Boden and a ton of other brands as well. Eventually I want to be able to do consignment, but for right now I just do buy-outs directly.

So that's about it for the little kids.. Hubby is doing well and loves his job still and we are enjoying living in Vermont. The snow and cold is still a bit much but we love our house! We have done some renovations and will do more eventually as funds allow. We have a finished basement so that gave us 2 additional bedrooms and a playroom for the kids and a work space for me as well as a 1/2 bathroom and laundry room with the option to install a shower later if we want to make it a 3rd full bath... Upstairs we have 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths with a living room, family room and eat in kitchen.. a really good amount of space for us...

So here are some pics of the kids and the house. WARNING. There are a LOT OF PICS =/

Check it out